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    I just joined the FFC in CT and they set up an individualized plan for me which includes alot of supplements.
    Just wondering from anyone else that goes to the FFC, do you take all your supplements at once or space them out through the day? Also, how did you feel when you first started them?
    I'm just trying to get a grip on this whole thing.
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  3. taysmom

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    I did have my blood taken at the FFC, but have to wait 3 weeks to get it back.
    I definetley will check out on line to buy the suplements cheaper, because going to the FFC is expensive enough.
    Did you follow the protocol at the FFC at all? Just wondering if it helped you at all.
    I a little afraid taking all these supplements and still don't know what the blood is going to show. I was dx with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease, FM & CFS, but alot of people I talk to still insist that it is Lyme's Disease......which I'm also waiting for results for.
    Thanks for help!!
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    about the value of supplements.

    I started doctoring myself with antioxidants and Vit D (after reading Ken Lassessen's excellent website which has a CFS protocol) adn the fatigue I had for 10 years lifted in about 4 months.

    Not entirely, but mostly.

    I just saw Dr Joe Brewer, who is a well-recognised infectious disease specialist who treats CFS, and even he recommends antioxidants.

    Vit C, E, Flavonoids. Omega 3 and 6. Magnesium (glycinate) green tea extract and olive leaf extract...and some others.

    Many experts recognise that oxidative stress is a major element of CFS. (See Dr. Majid Ali.. or is it Majad...either way.. google him and he'll come up.)

    However, I could not agree more with the other poster, that the infectious part of this disease is the most important element and the one that is critical to address.

    Supps alone will not stop this thing in its tracks.

    I take a Transfer FActor ...Immune Care 64 per Dr. B.. for my suspected viral infection and I think it's working.

    Full disclosure ..Only been on it 2 weeks tho!
    Good luck to u
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    and I had horrible "out of body" brain fog, that has lifted tremendously. I started one new thing every 5-6 days, as I am a big chicken with starting something new.

    Then I wrote on top of all the bottles with a sharpie if they were "1 a day" or "2 3x a day" or whatever. I took all the 1x a day ones in the am, the 2x a day ones at breakfast and lunch, and the 3x a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hope that makes sense.. helped me from going crazy about what to take.

    I don't think they all helped, but some combination is. I'm starting Abx this week.. wish me luck. :)
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    Deliarose- Thanks for the input on supplements and the info recommendation.

    Zoemurr-Good luck with everything. keep me posted on how your doing. I just started and it seems like you have to take alot of supplements, but if it get's me to feel even the slightest bit better I'll do it.

    Thanks again.
  7. taysmom

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    I'm afraid of the cost for all these supplements too and your right.....how I do I know which one's are working and worth taking? I guess I should at least wait to get my blood results back and see what there suggestion's are.

    You are lucky to have found a great doctor. I wish I could find one that took my insurance.

    I hope your doing better and continue to feel better. Keep me posted on your progress.
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    Hi, i have been going to ffc since 2/06. They put me on thyroid meds. My family dr. just took blookwork and was very upset about the results. He said my number we so high is could effect my liver and cause ostoporsis. He wants me off of them and get blookwork in 9 wks.
  9. deliarose

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    when u say u are working with a sleep specialist .. can u eloborate...?

    I thought they just did a sleep study and sent u back to yr pcp.

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    blood tests don't necessarily show how much thyroid is reaching the end-organs, only measures what's in the bloodstream. Do you feel it has helped you at all?

    I personally only go to a doctor who tests by reflexes, is the 'old-fashioned' way that used to be used before blood tests, & have also measured my under-arm temperatures. I do believe, as many do, that these are better and more accurate ways to test for thyroid function than blood levels as it shows 'end results'.

    Just a thought, it may be worthwhile for you to look at some alternative methods, esp if you feel the thyroid med has helped you.

    all the best,