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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    For those considering the FFC, or for those who would like to add more info to their treatment at home, here it is (drum roll please), the FFC test list. These are tests they think it's good to have run if you've got fibro or CFS. :)

    A/G ratio
    angiotensin II
    B 12
    cardio CRP
    cortisol F & T
    folato RBC
    heavy hetals panel
    hemoglobin A1c
    IgC subclass
    iron study/TIBC
    lipid panel
    NK cell activity
    reverse T3
    RNASL-L act
    T3 free
    T4 free
    testosterone F & T
    thrombotic marker panel
    thyroid peroxidase AB
    total IGG/IGA/IGM
    vitamin D panel

    I H

    N-tolopeptide serum

    PSA free & total

    anti-T3 AB
    anti-T4 AB
    anti-TSH AB
    interpheron, alpha
    lipid peroxidase
    magnesium RBC
    TSH receptor AB

    candida IgG/IgM/IgA
    chlamydia pneuom
    CMV IgG
    CMV IgM
    FBV early antigen
    EBV panel
    ehrlichia chaffoensis ABS
    lyme disease IgG/IgM
    lyme disease WB
    mycoplasma IgG
    mycoplasma IgM
    nasal swab for coag neg staph

    coxsackie type A
    coxsackie type B
    parvovirus AB B19 IgG/IgM

    ((( ))) Shannon
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  2. angeljoe

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    I don't have an FFC local that I can go to, but my Rheumatologist done a lot of those tests before I was diagnosed. I will take this list back to my PCP for more testing on the items I have not had done already.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I was hoping the list would help people who are working outside the FFC. It was a relief for me to get so many things ruled out, and to learn what I should really be working on now.

    (((hugs!))) Shannon
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I appreciate it.

    Love, Mikie
  5. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

    What lab do these all go through? Quest? By the way, have you had your f/u visit yet and if so how did it go?

  6. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

  7. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I believe the tests are done through Quest labs, although for the lyme tests, they send it to a special lab in California that is the most accurate. I don't know the name of the lyme lab, but if you contact the FFC through their website, they will tell you. For the lyme disease tests, to save money and get the more accurate result, skip the western blot test (lyme disease WB) and go straight to the other lyme test (lyme disease IgG/IgM). The IgG/IgM tests for various strains of lyme instead of just one, and Dr. Marti of Seattle FFC is confident that if you use it, you will get an accurate result.

    I got the results of my blood tests back a couple weeks ago, all of them at once, and Dr. Marti and I had a two hour phone appointment to go over everything. The big problems were my adrenals, thyroid, and a bit of mycoplasma. Everything else was fine, which really surprised me. The metals test was botched (they sent the sample in the wrong test tube), but I can have that tested for up here.

    The other thing that was wrong with me was that my pregnenolone levels were barely there, they were so low. So I'll be taking that, 100mg a day. Dr. Marti says that some people just can't make their own pregnenolone, so I should try taking it for 3-4 months and see if I feel better on it. Then we'll know if I need it. For the adrenals, she has me taking licorice root extract, and she says it will help kill my viruses too. I like the licorice root is good for my digestive system. For the thyroid, I'll be seeing a thyroid specialist in March... kind of a pain to have to wait, but oh well. I consulted with my doctor about my test results, and she thinks my thyroid problems may be caused by, or being made worse by, a lot of metals in my body. I've done a lot of live cell tests with her, and I always had metals just streaming out of me on the microscope slides. She found a new chelation product called "Natural Cell Defense" which is the best chelator she's come by. It gets the metals out, but it binds to them at the same time, so you don't get side effects from metals swamping your system, like you might get using DMSA. I'll be getting that and the pregnenolone next week. Started the licorice root yesterday. Tastes kind of yucky (I could only find it in chewables), but I think I'll get used to it. Gives my stomach a nice feeling after chewing it.

    Dr. Marti wants me to keep taking all the pills I was taking before I saw her - a lot of herbs, fish oil, vitamins, amino acids... So I'm still taking about 80 pills a day. Maybe with the pregnenolone I will need fewer of them as I feel better. Pregnenolone is involved in so many functions in the body, I was really surprised when I was researching it. Helps with memory, other things that I don't remember (lol), and it's the base for producing the other "steroid" hormones like testosterone. It should help my body to work better overall once these hormones aren't lacking anymore.

    Thanks for your replies. :) Hope this helps. For Canadians reading this, you can get some of your blood tests for the FFC done in Canada before you go, so you don't have to pay for them in the U.S. Other tests they want you to have done in the states, where they know the laboratories are reliable. Give them a call, and they'll tell which tests you can get done at home.

    Just a warning too - bring some food with you when you go. I had to fast for all my tests till like 1pm - and after the blood was drawn I was shaking so bad and couldn't stop till I got some calories in me. The nurses were very nice, and Dr. Marti was too.
  8. Shannonsparkles

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    I wrote this in another thread, and I thought it might be helpful for all the Canuks out there that are reading this. :) ((( )) Shannon

    They can test you for all of these things here in Canada. It's just that some of the laboratories are more accurate than others. For the lyme test, for exmple, there is only one lab in California that FFC trusts to give an accuate result, and they send all their lyme blood samples there. And for the rest of the tests, FFC uses Quest labs, because they know they are reliable.

    Tests are evaluated differently here in Canada than in the U.S., the reference ranges of what is 'normal' are different, and the tests are probably carried out a little differently too. If you use an American doctor, it's easier for them to evaluate the American tests they are used to working with. And Canadian doctors are used to reading Canadian tests.

    Don't hesitate get these tests run here if you want to. I just used the FFC's laboratories because that's the place I was working with, and that's the laboratory they are used to. It's fine to get the done here if you live here.

    love (( )) Shannon

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  9. toronto133

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    that there seem to be differences between the FFC's. The FFC in Detroit for example does the Lyme test through Quest not Igenex in Calif. nor do they do PCR testing (the most accurate type of testing) for bacteria.

    I think it might be wise to clarify how the tests are done and go straight to the better tests if they are available.

    Also, the treatment protocols seem to vary substantially between FFC Centers. When Shannon speaks of a two-hour follow-up consultation, my experience was less than 30 minutes. Perhaps the degree of success that people have is more tied to the individual center/doctor than the FFC approach.

  10. bunnyfluff

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    So that hopefully others can go thru their "regular" Dr's like I did and get tests run and get insurance to cover it "up front" like I did.

    BTW- almost all of my stuff was "normal", except fatty liver, and now some high triglycerides. So, just diet & exercise for me!!

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