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    Anyone who is taking the heparin - can you tell me if all of your Thrombotic Marker Panel items were out of range, either high or low? I have been told I would need to start haparin therapy after my immune system and hormones are in better shape. I have researched and cannot find much info out there. I will, of course, ask for more information when I get there next week, but was curious as to what others' results show. Not all of my panel was out of reference range, just one and one other low side but still in range. Did you have luck giving them to yourself. Thanks.

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    Hi, Thanks for answering. Looking at my numbers, except for one I would think I did not have the hypercoaguability, though my family history certainly hints at it.
    D-Dimer was 1.45H - Range <0.55
    Fibrin Monomer - negative
    Prothrombin Fragment 1.2 - .6 - Range 0.5-1.6
    Thrombin Antithrombin Complex 2.6 Range Less than 4

    There were other numbers she wrote on there probably elsewhere in the testing showing the defect. Perhaps that is why I have to do the heparin. Course this one high might be why.

    The studies that showed this abnormality in CFS and FMS patients did not show exactly these names either. She's great at explaining things and will be happy to do so. I'm just curious and it was puzzling to me.