FFC Update 8/31/05

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpmwriter, Aug 30, 2005.

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    hi all,

    for those tracking ffc posts, i wanted to drop in with an update on my fourth appointment; i am entering my fourth month under the care of dr. b at the atlanta clinic. this past month was brutal. i had a severe flare after my last appointment with all the classic flu-like symptoms that lasted about 5 days. with my muscle pain being the dominant symptom when i'm not flaring, i decided to go to a massage therapist. bad call. i was sick for about a week following my massage, mostly with allergy-like symptoms due to the histamine response. then i tried to work out some trigger points on my neck myself and woke with an awful headache. long story short, it was one of THOSE months and probably one of my worst since i initially got sick last year.

    naturally, i discussed all this with dr. b who thinks due to my massage response that i'm extremely toxic, so i'm going to be starting the questran detox protocol shortly (i tested positive for neurotoxins a couple months ago on the chronicneurotoxins site). jeanne-in canada, any advice?!
    i also received a prescription for vicodin; i hated to go there but i can't deny myself something for breakthrough pain anymore, and a script for lyrica which helped with pain and sleep during the clinical trial i participated in (it should be available here in the US in the next couple weeks). she also bumped my cortisol dose from 5 mg to 10 mg claiming that the hormone therapy is the most important aspect of the protocol for rebuilding muscles? i didn't quite understand this so i guess i have to go read up on cortisol a little more.

    a side note on some theory from the ffc think tank: i pressed dr. b on what my treatment protocol would look like if i'd arrived with a diagnosis of fibro instead CFS. this was important to me because it's clear that i have fibro with all the muscle pain lately. her reply was that we be would taking the exact same approach since they believe that CFS and Fibro are different manifestations of the same illness. this is something that i have always believed to be true, but it was interesting to hear it coming from the front line.

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    Sounds like you are making progress! I ordered your book and can't wait to read it! Please keep the updates coming! I go back to Dr B on the 13 to get the results of my retesting. We will see what is and isn't working! Take Care Lynn
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    Thanks for your report. I went to my first appointment at the new Seattle FFC today and plan to post some notes about it tomorrow when my head stops spinning from all the info. I feel energy from the IV and I like it! Thanks again!


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