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    Has anyone gone to the FFC and gotten remarkably better? I have seen one of the best around (Dr.T) and did not get better and now I am going to the FFC and it seems they are on the same line as Dr.T. I am afraid it may be a waste of time and money. Please let me know your opinions on this.
  2. Shirl

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    Shalom, Shirl
  3. ldbgcoleman

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    Each person has a different set of problems and a different treatment but I have gotten much much better. It takes awhile. You can click on my profile and readmy posts on this or search on FFC. Good Luck! Lynn
  4. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Bumping myself due to low response. Thanks!
  5. karatelady52

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    I've been going since April. The first thing they do is extensive blood work to check your hormones, etc. They took 22 vials of blood that first visit. I had low everything -- progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, NK cell activity, and low thyroid.

    They do even more extensive blood work about a month into it (unless you ask for it up front) and I just found out I have Lyme disease and 3 other viruses!

    I just posted on another post titled Pain Management Dr. which you might want to read. They never did the extensive blood work and would have never discovered that I have Lyme and other viruses.

    I can't say that I'm feeling better yet because I've just begun my protocol and Lyme takes awhile.

    There are people at the center who are getting better as their issues are being addressed It just takes time.


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