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    I just recently went to the FCC in Marietta, Ga. I very impressed and felt like I would finely get my life back. The staff was very friendly and they all believed that FM and CFS exist.
    I got an IV, injection and supplements. Total bill: $800.00. My insurance will not even cover half of the expense.
    I can honestly say I do feel better and there is no achy body or stiffness. The first couple days were rough on me.
    I have an appointment the 20th of Dec. but do not know if I will be able to keep it due to the expense.
    I had hope of getting my life back, but then that hope went away due to the cost of the visit and supplements.
    I am desperate for some relief. Can someone out there tell me what gives them relief from this disease. I have both FM and CFS.
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    Just when we need the money the most it's often tough to come by. The first visit is the longest and most expensive, I think it was $325 just for the office visit. The IV runs between $90-$115. I don't know about the injection. And then there are the supplements.

    Will you insurance cover your labs? That's also pricey.
    What about prescription medications?

    The only way I know to cut down on some of the expenses is to prioritize what you need the most, and what you don't need as much. Perhaps the Dr. could help with that. For example, I did a couple of the IVs then stopped.

    Then the supplements, you do not have to purchase them at FFC. Some may be found cheaper elsewhere, some, due to the combination of ingredients are more difficult to find. For example, the COQ10 from the FFC was much to expensive for me. I found it online, good quality, different brand for much less.

    Also consider that your appointments for office visits are spread out, you are not going weekly or even every month.

    I truly empathize with you about the cost and the desire to get well. I had to wait until my SSD case came through before I could go. My Medicare now pays all labs, which helps greatly. My secondary insurance pays most of the RX meds. Everything else I must pay. I've been using my credit card on some of it.

    In my opinion, getting relief from this disease takes the kind of multi-facted approach that the FFC uses. Looking for and finding the underlying causes is essential. After going to the FFC since March, and not improving, I have now been diagnosed by them with Lyme Disease. This is probably the most important of the underlying causes, and it's treatable!

    I wish you the very best in working through your decisions. Take care,
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    about the cost. Is there any way to find out the cost befor the appointment? I would love to know for myself. I could never go if I didn't know befor hand how much I would have to pay.
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    I forgot to mention is that you will not be on these meds and supplements forever. Once your condition has improved and stabilized, you will be on more of a maintenance type plan.

    Take care,