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    I was wondering if anyone else is feeling worse since going to the ffc? My fatigue is horrible............ I have absolutely no energy. I have had cfs for 18 years, but I just feel much worse. I am not sure if it's the supplements or hormones? I am taking transfer factor also and I have heard you can feel pretty bad when taking this. I also feel like I am getting more colds and sore throats. I have been going since December 27,2005. I am feeling a little discouraged at this point. Thanks for the replies, Kristen

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    You will get worse before you are better. You need to give them at least 6 months. Transfer factor will cause you to get worse.
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    When my wife first started her oral progesterone and cortisol she had a sensitivity to both which made her feel more fatigued and gave her more brain fog. What she had to do was open the capsules and just take 1/4 for the first week, then 1/2 second week etc...now she's on the full doses with no negative side effects. Seems the body was just shocked with a too high of an initial dose.
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    Yes I felt worse alot worse. They tell you this up front. I toughed it out and now I feel terrific and am doing alot of things I never thought possible. If you are hoving a hard time with Herxing there are things you can take or you can back off a little and slow down your treatment. If you are having problems call them!

    I started at the end of April 2005 and it took me 5 months to really notice the different. My worse Herx was when I started the Heperin and when I started Famvir and Doxy.

    I hope you will give it 6 months! Lynn
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have been going to the ffc since dec.27,2005 in Philadelphia. The doctor is very nice. I live in Virginia outside of DC so the drive is about 4 hours. I do not take the IV's because of the distance. I am taking the following: cortisol and fludrocortisone, thyroid, testosterone, Dhea and pregenelone supplement. I am also taking several supplements. I will list them on my next message. The supplements are downstairs. I am also doing the energy shot at home. It contains glutithione, amp,and b-12. I feel somewhat out of breathe when I receive the energy shot. Strange huh? Thanks everyone again. Kristen