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    I was wondering if anyone else here is being treated for candida? Is the medication making you feel worse? I felt better for a couple weeks, but for the past week and a half I have been in a terrible flare. I started the medication three weeks ago. Thanks for any input. Kristen
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    About 4 weeks into Candida treatment i felt awful. I think I was having major yeast die off. I did the diet religiously and took Nystatin, Jarro dophilous and Garlic. I ate plain yogurt with stevia every day for breakfast. after several days i started feeling better.

    I'm nopt sure where you are in your treatment but You will probably feel worse before you get better. It is really hard to deal with when you are following the protocol but there is no way around it.

    It will take 4 months minimum to really see a dramatic difference. All of this depends on what you have, how long you have had it and how you respond to treatment. It could take a year to see signifigant difference.

    Try to hang in there and stick with it. It does get better! Just take it day by day and tell yourself you are gonna give it six months.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Which FFC are you at? I'm in Atlanta.

    take Care Lynn
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    Thanks for your response. I have been going to the ffc in Phili since Dec.27. I have been ill with this for 18 years. Probably all my life. I was 15 years old when I started having symptoms. I just hope I haven't been sick for too long to get better. That's what scares me. How long have you been ill? Are you symptom free? Take care, Kristen
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    i got sick after I had my son Grant 4 years ago. I went to several drs before hitting on the FFC about a year ago. I have been retested 2 times. I had the highest level she had ever seen for hypercoagulation and now it is normal. I had 16 times higher than what is considered inactive for EBV and now it is below the range for inactive. I am normal for adrenals, thyroid, NK cell activity and candida now.

    The only thing I am still testing positive for now is the mycoplasma. it has pretty much remained unchanged. I was taking Doxycyclene for that but I have now swithched to Zitromax. So I am still battleing that one. Also there is no guarentee that the EBV or other things won't become active again. I am trying to keep my stress levels down and get plenty of rest and if I get sick I totally stop what I am doing and get in bed.

    I feel about 85-90% better. I think i will be monitering this for the rest of my life. So far their is nothing to completely eradicate EBV. I don't believe there is an outright cure.

    From the people I have met and talked to at the FFC the ones who aren't getting better aren't really following the protocol. I really stuck with everything they told me to do and was lucky I could tolerate the medications. I hope this helps! Lynn
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    I had a blood test at my regular dr for candida and tested positive. I take threelac, oxygen enzymes plus and digestive enzymes. She also had me on diflucan for 10 days. Also rotate garlic cloves and grapefruit seed extract. I Started this about 2 months ago. I initially gave up sugar and processed foods, but several weeks ago went on the very strict diet. I just went through a week of feeling terrible, but am feeling better now. Stick to it. You will feel better eventually. I plan on sticking with this for at least six months maybe longer. I start at FFC on May 3.
    Good luck!