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  1. place

    place New Member

    I just made an appointment with them but red flags are popping up with me. They don't take any insurance and it's all natural and a lot of money!

    Prior to my diagnosis, I spent a lot of money on stuff similar to this only to be disapointed!

    When I look at the posts from people who are getting better, they all say they found the right med and they are finally getting deep sleep. The people who are not making progress are on pain pills.

    What has been everyones experiance with FFC?

    LISALOO New Member

    Look at past posts, you will find tons of opinions.

    They give you stuff to give to your insurance, that way, they aren't beholden to the insurance companies in terms of how they treat and how long appointments must run.

    They do use more than just natural. I've been on several meds.
  3. place

    place New Member

    I guess I have become a bit negative due spending more grands than I would like to count for treatments, let alone the time off work.

    Thanks for the tip on looking at past records!

  4. intensemom

    intensemom New Member

    and my dr. is an m.d. or d.o.(i don't remember) and she prescibes rx meds as well as natural. Do not be worried....you will be treated great! I have been! If you know which FFC you will be going to...find someone else on the board who is going there and get their opinion!

  5. ldbgcoleman

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    First your insurance may pay for some of your treatment. Mine has paid for 60% of my office visits and most of my labs. There are lots of Drs who are fee for service. most dentists operate this way too. Quite simply if they do not go through insurance companies they can provide the treatment they feel is best and spend the amount of time they feel appropriate with you. The insurance company cannot dictate to them on course of your treatment.

    Second the treatments are not all natural but a combination of prescriptions and supplements based on your individual needs. Dr B in Atlanta has been extremely open in discussing all options with me and I have been a full partner in the decisions made about my health.

    I would suggest you take someone with you to your first two visits to help you with all the info you will be getting. i would also caution that this is not a quick fix and will take 4-6 months and maybe as long as a year depending on what you have how long you have had it and how your respond to the treatments. I have yet to meet anyone under treatment who has not Herxed and felt worse before they got better. This happened to me several times when I started new things.

    Good Luck and I am happy to answer any questions as I have been going for a year now and am in the maintenance phase now. I spent all weekend showing at a horse show and felt fine on Monday. something a year ago I would have laughed and said no way!


  6. mollystwin

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    What a great answer to her concerns. I am going to copy and paste this and send it to all my relatives who are so negative about me going to this clinic. My first appt is next Wed. Can't wait.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    I would be certain to INSIST on an Igenex LYME test .
    I have been to two FFc's . I have mixed feelings . I did get DXed with lyme , and the Igenex test is reliable. For that it has been valuable. The extensive lab work validated the fact that I do have plenty of abnormalities . No one can look at the lab work of most patients there and deny that we do not have problems. I think the FFC is our best hope of getting some clear direction, BUT do not feel pressured to follow every suggestion without taking your time to get feedback from others or to do some of your own investigation.

    almost anything they suggest can be purchased far cheaper ( with NO trouble ) on your own . There are people who DO make REAL progress with the FFC . I have lyme ( for a long time ) and can not be sure how much I will improve . Some of their suggestions I followed , others I chose to refute . MOST PEOPLE CAN NOT DO EVERYTHING THEY OFFER IN TREATMENT , BEC OF COST.

    You can explain to the doc that you are on a tight budget and want tospend your $$ on the treatments that will most likely be critical and yield tangible results .

    I definitely think they are worth a try , but you are very wise to be cautious in your skepticism , as some have spent lot$$$ of money and have noy improved .

    I am grateful for the lyme diagnosis , though I do not know if I will ever make a lot of headway - it is so difficult to treat .

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