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  1. place

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    I just made an appointment with them but red flags are popping up with me. They don't take any insurance and it's all natural and a lot of money!

    Prior to my diagnosis, I spent a lot of money on stuff similar to this only to be disapointed!

    When I look at the posts from people who are getting better, they all say they found the right med and they are finally getting deep sleep. The people who are not making progress are on pain pills.

    What has been everyones experiance with FFC?
  2. intrigue

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    I've been going to FFC since Oct of last year.

    I count myself as one of the ones who has been helped by FFC. FFC does extensive testing to find out whats going on with you. If you search my past posts, you can read about my experience in detail.

    Its important to realize they aren't going to "cure" you in a day, a week, or even a month. It will take 6-12 months before you will feel better, or possible longer depending on your diagnosis. For me, months 3-5 were really bad. But wow ... starting around month 6 ... gradually ... I felt so much better. Even my "bad" days now are much better then my "good" days six months ago.

    The main downside is the expense. Insurance usually only covers it "out-of-network" and often that can be stressful.

    Many of the clinics do monthly seminars where you can meet the doctors and tour the clinic, (and they used to give out a discount coupon ... not sure if they still do).
  3. kbak

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    I went to FFC for a while. It is very expensive, and you'll have a hard time getting your insurance to pay you anything.

    On the up side, they pointed me in the right direction. My ins. did pay for all the blood work,$2500 worth, but wouldn't pay for the visit's, IV's ect.

    They don't just use natural remedies (which is what I was looking for) but use drugs also. I didn't make big advances under their care and decided that it was to expensive to continue.

    I'm glad I went tho because I got the bloodwork done, which showed me I had active viruses and what they were. With this info I have ever since educated myself on different treatment options.

    This site has been invaluable. If you spend some time reading and researching you'll find what's working for people and what isn't. Educating yourself is the most important thing you can do. Then I found a really good rhuematologist who is working with me. She makes suggestions, but lets me make the decisons on what I want to try and do.

    I am doing 90% natural. Good diet, herbs, supplements, and mild exercise. I have spent a lot of time trying different supplements and things to see what worked best for me. I do use some meds at nite for sleep. Getting a good sleep is the most important thing you can do to feel better. I don't think you need FFC to get what you need for a good sleep, just a good doc who will work with you.

    I use 50mg benedryl to get me to sleep, 150mg neurontin (which I'm working off of), 5mg flexeril, and 100mg 5HTP. After trying all kinds of things I found this works best for me. Oh, and I also drink "the shake" which you can find on site by doing a search.

    Good Luck in your quest!

  4. spiritsky

    spiritsky Member

    If you do a search on "Progress Notes", you'll see all my postings for how I'm doing since starting with the FFC.

    Good luck. It is expensive, but if you can afford it and don't know what else to try anymore, then it's worthwhile.

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