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    I just received some information from them. I am very leary of places that do not accept insurance. They want to help us, yet they will not accept insurance.

    Hmmmm. $1250 for first 4 visits then $185/ visit after that. Sorry, I feel that is a lot of money to ask us to pay when some of us are on fixed incomes.

    Yes they are willing to give us paperwork to get reimbursed from our insurance companies, however, what we will get reimbursed is a pittance, especially if it is an out of network physician.

    The best way healthcare can help us is to recognize our illness and accept our insurance.

    As for me, I cannot afford this treatment at this time.
  2. littleleafhopper

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    There's no doubt that this is an expensive illness. I feel so torn between trying to get well which is costly at every turn and staying out of the poor house. Is there any quality care in the metroplex that understands and will except insurance?
  3. KMD90603

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    I had an appointment set up for tomorrow, but had to cancel because I just don't have the money. And, my doctor will not write a script for the bloodwork that FFC wants to do. So, that means I could pay a couple thousand dollars for just the bloodwork ALONE! At FFC in Philadelphia, they charge $365 for the first 2 visits and then $185 for ever visit thereafter.

    I too am skeptical about any place that does not accept insurance. My ID doc was skeptical as well. He advised me to check the doctor's credentials on the AMA website. He said if they're not a member of the AMA, don't even bother with them. Well, I checked out the doctor at FFC Philly, and they had him listed but he's not a member. So, now it's back to my ID doc to see if he's willing to get to the bottom of this.

    Gentle hugs,

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