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    Hello all,
    I have been going to FFC since May with great results until just recently. I have been prescribed an antibiotic for two months from FFC along with diflucan. This is for mycoplamsa and clamydia pneumonia. Within the first 10 days my candida got bad, so I stopped the antibiotics but stayed on diflucan to help get rid of yeast. Went through bad die off for 5 days now. Still having die off but improving. Today I went to FFC for an IV and they said they want me to stay on the antibiotics and gave me nystatin to take with the diflucan. My gut tells me NOT to take the antibiotics because candida is a big issue for me. I've been on diet and supplements/and or diflucan for the past 5 months and made great progress with the candida until now.
    What has been your experience with the antibiotics? Did they help? It's not like I've been bothered by pneumonia recently and it doesn't make sense for me to take these meds.
    They presribed cipro 750 mg twice daily. Big pills twice a day. Is this similar to what others have been prescribed?
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    WHat type of herx symptoms are you getting?

    I don't do everything they tell me..cut back and then start slow again.
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    They presribed the cipro for two months!
    I stopped the cipro due to my candida symptoms returning, the cipro allowed the candida to grow. I had bad sinus infection, white tongue, brain fog etc. I got die off symptoms big time when I stopped the cipro. It was the candida die off from the diflucan working once the cipro was stopped. I had this same die off back in March when I first started the candida diet and anti fungals before I went to FFC. The herx symptoms are exagerated candida symptoms. Bad headache, brain fog, extreme fatigue, inability to concentrate, can't see straight to read or type, can't talk etc. I think you guys are right, I should should follow my gut!!
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    I am a patient at FFC too and they want me to start the Diflucan. I'm worried about the die off. Can u tell me more about it--how long does it last--how long until you feel relief? I'm gonna start the candida diet too--can you give me some examples of what you eat?


    PS. I would listen to your gut as well. You know your body better than anyone.
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    I was curious about your die off b/c I htought die off from candida had more to do with intestenial/ tummy issues.
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    Die off depends on how bad your candida infection is. My first die off lasted about 10 days and was horrible. Then afterwards I felt really good. This die off was really bad for about 3 days and now it's tapering off where it is more bearable. There are things you can do while this is happening. A hot bath with epson or sea salt really helps. The idea is to sweat out the toxins. The other thing you can do is go a little slower. With the diflucan you can alternate days if you need to in the beginning to lessen the die off. I prefer just to get it over with cause I know I'll feel better after. As for diet, right now I eat eggs, meat, fish, nuts, lots of veggies, one apple a day, plain organic yogurt, and very small amounts of whole grains. I try to be as strict as I can be for as long as I can. Then after a few months I add another fruit, and more whole grains and maybe some younger cheese every once in a while as well as a little bit of milk.
    Good Luck with your battle with Candida! It's really a pain!!
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    Everyone is different with the die off. I guess it depends on where your infection is. My candida seems to be mostly in my sinuses. For years I thought I had sinus and allergy issues. When I had my first die off, I didn't know that's what was happening until it was over. I've read about others in other candida forums with die off like mine too.
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    The dr gave me cipro because she said it would get rid of both types of pnuemonia.
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    HI! We see the same dr! I started with Dr. Sidhwa and it's been hard to adjust to the new dr.

    I am taking the same thing you are: cipro for c. pneumonaie and diflucan for candida. I have been on them for a month. I have definately been in a chronic herx! But I am also using kutapressin for Epstein-Barr...so it's hard to tell what is dying off and when.

    I had previously been on doxy/nystatin for 1 month...I herxed for 2 weeks then got better rapidly. Unfortunately, my tummy couldn't handle doxy.

    The dr. told me that that Cipro(750mg. twice daily) and diflucan were going to have a "more systemic effect". I take this as meaning...more effective...more herxing.

    But, like everyone else here, I am so desperate to get better that I have been willing to herx pretty bad. I have found hot baths to be extremely helpful.

    You're going to have to follow your gut here. I decided to put up with an intense herx in order to get it over with. But, I feel like it's never going to end. I think it's extremely important to get you gut in good order to flush every thing out!

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    Hi there!
    Good to hear from you again.

    Do you have a candida issue too, or did the dr give you diflucan to prevent candida? I have a major issue with candida. It makes me very ill with brain fog, fatigue etc. It was one of my biggest issues. When I got that under control, I felt so much better.

    Then with what the FFC did in addition, I was starting to feel almost normal. Until she prescribed the cipro, which was fine for about 10 days. Then my candida came back big time. It's been since last Friday since I stopped the cipro, and I am just now starting to feel better, not as good as I was, but better. I had to miss work again this week. I really can't afford to do that.

    I just don't think the cipro is right for me. But I am glad it's working for you. We are all so different. The Dr said my titers were not as high as many of her patients, and I really wasn't feeling sick from the pnuemonia, so it doesn't make sense for me to take it. She doesn't know this yet, and I dread telling her. I really gave it a try!

    Thanks for your post!!
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