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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jvrealty, Feb 16, 2006.

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    i just want to know how many of you have tried this new product endorsed by the fibro network. i tried it and did not like it too much because of the coldness it gave me on my skin and the odor, which is too strong for me. i am sensitive to cold and odors. it did help immediately with the pain though, but i would not buy it because of the odor and the chills, i get after applying it.

    please send your comments because i am planning on attending the conference in orange county in march and i will bring this topic up.


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    I got some and did not think much of the results. It does smell very strong. I used it a couple of times and think Ben Gay or my Absorbine Jr patch works better.

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    I got it and I feel the same as the others. A let down, espically after paying so much for it. It is also harder to wash off your hands.....I always scrub my hands well....twice......with soap and sides, tops, bottoms and cuticles, nails.........rinse well.....but still got a little in a private area later.......

    I had to strip and jump into the shower to get the fire out...I have a type of shower head that I can remove from holder.......that helped. It was funny in one way.....

    It does help the area that I was directing it to orginally....but I will not buy it again......
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    Hi JV...I ask my husband to put it on my upper back, shoulder blades when they are killing me. It does help me with the pain, but I agree with the smell/cold.

    The last few times he has applied it and then gently rubbed it with a washcloth to reduce the smell. Then he applied some nice smelling cream, and it doesn't seem to reduce the effectiveness of the pain. There have been times when I thought I just couldn't take the smell, though, as I am really sensitive that way as you are.

    The cold is a real problem, too, and I am careful about what I am doing after he applies it. I sit on my heating pad, near the fire, and don't go outside this time of year! I wrap up to stay warm, and it eventually gets better.

    I consider this product one in my bag of weapons against the pain. Sometimes it comes in handy, but I have to work around the side effects as we do in many cases!!

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    I like the tingling feeling; it feels like it's working. But more important, it does help the pain. The smell doesn't bother me but I appreciate that it does bother others. I heard someone on the radio say that you could wash it off after 10 min.; by that time it would have absorbed enough.