Fibro after 2 years -- anybody the same?

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    Hi all,

    Some of you know me, and know that I haven't been posting for a while, so I thought I'd just drop an update in. At the beginning of this year, I honestly thought I was better. Back to almost complete fitness, almost thinking of going back to the gym and cycling again. This was after a strict anti-candida regime. Then I had a vicious flare-up (burning and tingling, muscle pain everyhere etc), and decided that the diet really wasn't helping and that the remission was co-incidental.

    So my situation after 2 years of illness? In some ways, I can't honestly say I'm any worse -- I don't have the headaches, nausea or dizziness like I used to. I can walk long distances, run and swim short distances. I don't have fatigue either, and if anything seem to suffer from insomnia -- hardly ever seem to sleep. The pain is also much reduced except for a perennial stiff neck and sore leg muscles.

    But the main problem now is muscle fatigue. My arms and legs particularly seem to become acutely fatigued after minimal effort (towelling my hair, climbing the stairs), and although they don't feel 'heavy', my legs often feel as though they are limp noodles and will just fold beneath me after any effort (though they haven't yet). I've also developed a tendency to exhibit a fine tremor in my hands after physical effort. I've also developed early cataracts in both eyes and a proliferation of black floaters, which has really screwed my vision.

    So what has helped me?
    Using the muscles whenever I'm able.
    Low sugar diet
    Lots of water
    Heat still helps a lot -- always better in hot temperatures or when body temperature raised.

    Does this sound like anybody else after 2 years of this illness? Anybody get this horrible muscle weakness as a later symptom?

    Hope you're all coping,
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    Sorry you didn't find candida to be your answer (it wasn't mine, either, but does help some people). I have CFS, not fibro. Been sick for 6 years now, and in some ways I'm definitely better (though some of it's probably just coping better). But in some ways I'm also worse. I have intermittent muscle weakness, but never noticed a limp noodle feeling. Maybe I'm just not remembering (surprise), or maybe I don't exercise enough. Hopefully someone who can relate will post! I know Mikie said something recently about intermittent squishy muscles (or something), and she is/was more of an athlete like you.
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    Aquarose -- my T4 level is low normal. Worth keeping an eye on, I guess. That's the only test that comes back abormal for me, except high candida antibody count and slightly raised CK levels, consistent with muscle pain. And yes, a hospital opthalmologist identified 'areas of opacity in both lens'.

    PACKMAN -- thanks, I've tried Magnesium before but I'll give it a shot again in the combination you suggest.

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    Have you done a search here on the board for T3, T4,etc levels. The concensus is our best levels are not quite the same as the general public. Rather than misquote figures, if you do the search, you will find what some believe to be the best for us. Fondly, June

    PS, oh yes, you did seem to improve initially on the Candida elimination diet? If so, you may have an allergy component to your muscle weakness--this is how my allergies manifested themselves, not wheezing, sneezing etc, but muscle weakness, sweats. I have both foods and environmental. Good luck
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    I am worse than when first diagnosed. Was diagnosed over three years ago. The pain is worse for me now. Lack of sleep too. Other things with the Fibro has developed along the way too.

    Working on emotinal problems, has helped alot.

    I feel as if I am on the road to bettering myself, doing more for me, finding ways more now to bring relief, answers to it all.

    I am coping, sometimes in the late night, I am not.