Fibro after breast cancer

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  1. novemberstorms

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    I am very new to this. I have yet to go to a doctor as I am searching for one in the Tacoma, Wa area. My mother and best friend both have fibromyalgia. I have pain in my hips, back, neck, feet, hands among other things for 2-3 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 in 1999, went thru chemo and a mastectomy. I am regular with visits to my Oncologist and all my tests, but have no answers to the pain I have.
    I would be interested in any info or shared cancer history, or if anyone can recommend a wonderful doctor in the Seattle/ Tacoma area.

    Many thanks.
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  2. Eilie

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    Hi, novemberstorms,

    I had breast cancer w/a partial mastectomy x2 and radiation treatment about 2 years before I became symptomatic with Fibro. A year before that, I sustained a severe back injury. Is there a connection to either or both? The answer seems to be: "Who knows?"

    Hope you find a doctor soon.

  3. tandy

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    Hi there!! I can only say that the pain you describe sure sounds like it could be FM!!Do you also have fatique??tired all the time??Ever wake up with numb body parts from sleeping the wrong way?(like your arm falls asleep).I would surely get a referral to a Rhuematologist,they would know for sure. Good luck to you!I hope you get some answers and relief soon~
    Warm regards,
  4. novemberstorms

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    I am tired all the time and I have dealt with numbness for years.
    It's like I have known about FM, but never placed my symptoms with FM until now. The last few years have been hard on my body, so I just associated everything with the cancer, the surgeries, the chemo. Now I just need to go to a doctor and be officially diagnosed!!

  5. karbear

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    Hello, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in june,2001 and had a mastectomy,followed by chemo. Now am on five years of Tamoxifen and Lupron shots, this has put me in menopause...While on chemo I had a so called Flu, wasn't too sure what it was but I was so sick I couldn't move , went to the doctor and they tested me for flu,mono,etc..and nothing, since that I have been achey everyday,numbness,pain in the neck,literally,,lol..arms,shoulders,etc.etc.etc.....its been terrible,,,I just am thankful to be in remission and praying I stay,,,I deal with one day at a time,its tough..I see a rhematoid and have been put on flexeral and a sleep aid..not much help,have had sleeping problems forever,they are doing sleep study next, also see a neurologist..I have never seen so many doctors,before getting diagnosed with breast cancer I never saw a doctor,but my ob/gyn once a year...This FM has really hit me hard,,,best of luck to you and I would go to a rhematoid doctor for sure..god bless,karin
  6. tandy

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    Please let us know how you make out, okay? Your instincts are probably right on!It sounds like FM to me.
    Wishing you alot of luck....make an appointment with a Rhuematologist~
    Till next time....
    Warm regards,