fibro an inflamation

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  1. arod59_2

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    does anyone else think that inflamation has anything to do with fibro? i know i had some tests done an it said i had high inflamation in my body.has anyone had the same results?
  2. Lexied

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    I agree with you - not only do I think inflamation an Fibro go hand in hand, I also think it's one of the reasons our pain is so bad. I have chronic bursitis in my lower back, legs and hips and I am taking anti-inflammatory meds along with cortizone injections my pain management doctor gives me about every 2-3 months. If I understand correctly, FM has something to do with the membrane that surrounds all your muscles and sends "false" messages to your brain telling us we hurt when we really don't. I'm definately not a doctor or an authority on FM and maybe what I'm saying is a bunch of "malarky", so if anyone has another answer I would love to know what they think.
    As far as the "false" messages ... I'm not sure I agree. I think that the membranes stay inflamed and really DO hurt!
    Also - a lot of people with FM, including me, are mostly inactive and that contributes to the inflamation / bursitis.
    I hope that you can find something to help you reduce your
    swelling and your pain.

    Take Care
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  3. rutters

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    hi there yes i do think that inflamation and fibro go hand in hand. I was diagnosed CFS 10 years ago, went into remission and three years ago diagnosed with FMS. I have had countless testing done and nothing shows up except for that darn old inflamation, too high. Not one Dr. has been able to pinpoint the cause of this inflamation. I have severe FMS symptoms. Nothing I take for pain helps, except klonipin. it relaxes the muscles and helps me sleep.So yes in answer to your question I think inflamation has everything to do with this condition.The problem is finding the cause.
    thanks rutters
  4. lebra

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    yes, I do believe that inflammation is a big part of why we feel lousy, tired, and in pain. It does feel like a lingering flu bug. Check your temperature and see if you are slightly febrile. Many times I feel like my insides are so hot and the skin of my body is radiating heat and still have no temperature. I can only believe that this is due to the inflammatory processes going on in my body. I am going to bring this up to the doc next time I go.
  5. libra55

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    I was dx'd with FMS 3 yrs. ago. I also have inflammatory proteins in my blood (I believe they referred to it as a "high inflammatory index") and I also have a high "sed" (sedimentation) rate as well. From my understanding, sedimentation has to do with how fast your blood separates into its different components (plasma, red cells) and in people with autoimmune dysfunction this happens at an abnormally fast rate. I was also evaluated for RA and Lupus and it appears at this time I do not have either of those.
  6. lmn

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    I have had an imflamation problem for years, although only been diagnosed with FM since 2000. Arthritis/RA, and other diseases typically associated with imflamation have been ruled out. My only diagnosis has been FM.

    Also, what I find interesting, Celebrex keeps the imflamation at bay in my knees, but does nothing for the pain in the rest of my body. FM is certainly complex...........
  7. kredca4

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    I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who does think that there could be a link between FMS and Inflamation. I have a lot of co-exisiting condition's that do have Inflamation as a symptom, and I think they are all tied in somehow.

    Problem is , that I'm a layperson, who dosen't understand half of what I have read and Printed out, on the Net and in Book's.

    The expert's say that it isn't an Inflamatory condition, but they don't even Know what cause's it so how can they say that for sure?

    I have been researching my other conditions to see how many were involved with Inflamation and also Chronic Myofascial Pain Disorder. I see to have a Lot of them.
    Maybe if you listed your other condition's, and then check out the Symptoms of thoes, you might find a number of them have Inflamation.

    Even when they draw my Blood, it hurt's due to the Inflamation I have in my Vien's. Didn't use to hurt.
    I also have to much Protien in my Spinal Fluid, still wondering about that one. I get Blood test every 3 months, my Rhumotoligist keep's an eye on my OA, FMS and also the CMPD, as does my other new Doctor's.

    I'm seeing my PC today, and I am wondering what Test's they want to put me through this time.
    Just had my Mamogram done and I did Pass that One Yeah!

    Thanks for the Post, and keep asking questions, that's how we learn really, from each other.

  8. Theresa

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    My rheumatologist has been telling me for the last 5 years that there is no inflammation associated with Fibro. I keep telling her that that when my pain gets bad in my knees, hips and hands that it feels warm to the touch and feels like it's inflamed! Also, what tests has anyone had to verify there is actually inflammation. I have a high CRP value.
    Thanks, Theresa
  9. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    sed rate is always over 20 and CRP was elevated at 25 last blood draw. Have had fms for 6plus years. Feel very inflamed most of the time.
  10. Stillkicking

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    According to my medical dictionary, inflammation is the response of the tissues of the body to irritation or injury and this can be acute or chronic.

    In my case, I know this inflammation is due to a slow-growing mutant staph infection mostly centered in my nasal/sinus and the toxins the infection produces are constantly causing nerve and tissue irritation and injury. There are no readily available clinical lab tests for this and it requires long term or strong IV antibiotics which doctors are hesitant to use.

    Bromelain enzyme seems to be a good anti-inflammatory which hasn't irritated my stomach.
  11. hammanss

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    I think inflammation feels part of FM but then I wonder why non-steroid anti-inflammatories don't help (except for my osteoarthritis)but I do find some relief by using ice, as I often feel heat around painful areas.
  12. elizabethia

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    you have described me to a T.... i absoultly know what your talking about....happends all the time....but i never thought of "inflamation" lol lol i thought i was haveing some menopause stuff going on