Fibro and Atkins

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  1. MsBrandywine

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    Has anyone with Fibro.. tried the Atkins.. Low carb diet?
    My husband and I are following the program and so far hes lost 20 lbs.. Ive lost 15.. ( why do men lose faster)
    anyways.. just wanted to let you know that I do feel somewhat better since following the program.

    Plus taking good vitamins plus Citracal with magnesium has helped alot too..
    just wanted to add some good news.. hopefully it works for anyone else who tries folloing the same plan.

    Although, I did have a heck of a time on the induction with feeling totally wiped out and feeling faint but once I learned to keep protein with me and not wait too long to eat.. I felt much better..
    just a FYI..
  2. Suze

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    I've been eating low-carb (and low-saturated fat) for eight years. The induction period was hard for me, too—I was in a bad mood for weeks, if not months—but I clearly do better without carbs. Today I will occasionally eat bread (if it's very good), but no sugar in eight years, and thank heavens I no longer crave it!

    Thanks to ditching the carbs, my triglycerides fell from a dangerous 547 to a normal 100 or so.

  3. MsBrandywine

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    Im so glad your blood work come back so good!.. mine did too.. Dont have the paperwork here in front of me but my total cholesterol went from 356 to 257.. everything changed so much.. my Dr was so impressed.. its still high but nothing like it was.. plus with my thyroid.. its harder to lose..
    When I first started she said to go to Weight Watchers.. well they are a good program but..right now with my hubby having to retire and its too dang expensive for me at this time..
    I went to them before.. lost 100 lbs.. kept it off for 3 yrs but then when I got DX'ed with Fibro and MPS and CFS.. guess I went thru a mayjor depression. well to make a long story short.. gained almost all of it back.. but I did lose about 10 lbs of it just in time for my sons wedding in April but.. then the 15now.. so am feeling relieved to be getting some of the weight back off..
    Im happy to hear its working for you too!.. keep up the good work. and glad you are feeling better with low carbing..!
  4. jadibeler

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    I'm not following Atkins, per se, but just started low carb (actually, no carb), no sugar diet Aug. 1. I can't say I feel better one way or the other. I'm also doing the Water Cure and sea salt. I don't think I've been on it long enough to lose weight, although my dr's scale said 165 and my husband's dr.'s scale said 168 on 7/27 - but two different scales, I don't trust that. I'll see my dr. again on 8/27, so we'll see. . .

    I had no trouble going on the diet. I always ate just meat and potatoes/rice/noodles (those packaged mixes, usually). Lots of sandwiches. Rarely any sugary stuff. I don't miss carbs at all. What I miss is something to eat!!! I don't like to cook, so I make up meals ahead of time, 4 days worth at a time. And I made a neat cream cheese spread to stuff celery with. But there is nothing I can just grab for a quick snack.

    I'm doing this for the FM, so I hope it starts working to make me feel better - so far, nothing is - I just know that everything I'm doing is better for anyone. But the weight loss benefit will make it worthwhile; I've got my fingers crossed.

    About men losing faster - don't know for sure but possibly men have a higher metabolism rate.


    PS: I looked up your bio because your name caught my eye. But I'm from the other end of the Brandywine, Chester County, PA.
  5. roses4dean

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    As for me and my fibo,I feel alot better since I have been on Atkins. There are alot of quick snacks. I don't cook either. When I am on the road and need a quick snack, I go to a convenience store and get a beef jerky, pork skins, peanuts and a diet coke. That fills me up till I can get home. You can find out more on good luck.

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  6. Lana56

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    Yes the Atkins diet is helpful.I do watch the fats though.I think everyone with FM should try it since you get more energy and do not crave carbs.I haven't seen a lot of difference with pain,but if you have more energy and all it sure does not hurt. Lana56