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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momblue, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. momblue

    momblue New Member

    Hi all! You guessed it......I'm Canadian! I was wondering if anyone here has had any luck getting CP with fibro? My insurance company from work(Manulife) paid me for short term disability, but are giving me grief about long term, so my next try will be CP. My Doctor is very slow in filing out any forms. I have been off work for 9 months now. I appreciate any advice!
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  2. coolma

    coolma New Member

    Listing simply fibro on your disability applications isn't going to get you very far. Who is your Specialist (I am familiar with quite a few where you live)? I have experience fighting private insurers and the Canadian Government, and I know how to do it. Don't have alot of time right now (getting dinner on) but I will go back on line first thing in the morning and fill you in. Take heart, it is a long road so be very patient and be prepared to do some work. Talk to you shortly. this is(Thurs.p.m.)
  3. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    I applied for CPP Disability benefits and got it first try. Please see my post titled "How I did it" dated 12/14/05. Marie
  4. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    It sounds like you wil be getting some good advice. I just wanted to say that I,too, got both private and CPP disability on my first try. It certainly can be done!

  5. coolma

    coolma New Member

    checked out the referals on your web and it's very good advice. The letters detailing your inability to perform specific tasks and the "whys" are really comprehensive. I agree - I inundated them with copious letters describing my minute to minute activities - or inactivities! However, you cannot take this on without some good supportive evidence from your Doctor/Specialist. She must have had a super Doctor. And there is a criteria for specifics when you apply for long-term disability. Your symptoms, any MRIs, CT scans, bloodwork (I don't know exactly the extent of your illness); anything that shows irregularity. It certainly doesn't help. There is enormous support on this board and I thank everyone for being so darn helpful! You are great! Good luck and good health!
  6. momblue

    momblue New Member

    Thank you Marie, I did look up your posting and I took some notes.

    Sorry Coolma, I only now just logged into the site, so I am late seeing your note. I do not have a specalist. I go to my GP. He had sent me to a Rhumey Dr. just once. He agreed I did not have arthritice. I went to him BEFORE I was diagnosed with fibro. I am thinking I should ask to see that Dr. again.
    I have deprssion, fibro and tunnel carp. I live In Windsor Ontario, so I don't know if you know of Dr.'s here?
    I have already been denyed long term once, as they said I had insuffecient medical reports. My Dr. seems hesitant to say I will not improve. When I first went off sick, he said I would improve, so now maybe he will have egg on his face to recant that? LOL

    Thank you all for the awesome support here!
  7. coolma

    coolma New Member

    You definitely need a good specialist with this condition. And you are not getting the care you need.

    Plus, a specialist might know a little more than an MD. Some people get lucky and get a good one but that's rare. Fibro gets lumped in the arthritis category. It is not arthritis but the specialists seem to handle fibro better than others.

    To qualify for long term disability you need some medical information, some better documentation and reports. A specialist can provide those. MRIs, bloodwork, anything that shows some irregularities.

    Then with your applciations for disability, you need to give a report on how your day goes, what you cannot do anymore. Disability means you life has been affected to the point you cannot any longer function in a normal life pattern. you need to categorize this and write everything you deal with on a daily basis. "You can no longer to this because....." etc. etc.

    I was 2-12 years before I obtained my government and private long term disability coverages, but it is worth the fight. It is your life here!

    Good luck and I hope you get better help.

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