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  1. krock

    krock Member

    I have recently begun seeing a chiropractor. I have fibro, but also he discovered through xrays some straightening of the cervical spine and a couple of vertebrae and disc abnormalities.

    My question is this. My fibro is way worse since starting the chiropractic (had about 8 visits so far). He said I would feel worse before better. But I am in so much pain I can hardly function. Has anyone had experience with chriopractic that could shed some light on how long before you started to feel better, or adaptations to the treatment that can help lessen the triggering of fibro, or any other thoughts you want to share?

  2. lukro

    lukro Member

    I regularly visit a chiropractor, for a variety of reasons, and I have fibro. If too many adjustments are made in one visit, then I am in extreme pain for several days (or more). You should NEVER have pain with a treatment. My chiro absolutely understands fibro and adjusts me accordingly.

    I suggest seeing another chiropractor.
  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    If I go to a Chiro it wont be anything but a NUCCA kind.

    It sounds like treatments are too much for fibro care. You should never hurt that much. are you having muscle spasms?

    If he is adjusting to agressively the muscles will tighten up. I have worked for chiros and gone to them. My advice is be very careful.
  4. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I was told the same thing--what started as headaches and neck spasm ended up in full blown insomnia and pain throughout my body/FMS diagnosis. The chiro made me much worse, He did alot of manipulation on my neck with fast jerks--bad, bad, bad for me. With each treatment my sleep got worse and then I totally stopped sleeping altogther. This was 13 years ago, He told me the same thing about getting worse before better, and I told him if I got any worse i'd be dead.

    If I go to chiro again- which I'm now considering-it has to be very gentle and major adjustment by whipping the neck (my weak point)--I've heard some with MS like the proadjuster/chiro's. That said everyone is different. My mom has fibro and her chiro uses some type of acupressure and has helped her alot over th eyears.
  5. ILoveGreen

    ILoveGreen New Member

    I have been going to a chiro for over 30 years. Until recently, I didn't believe in the use of an "actuator" which is a spring-loaded device that allows very specific adjustments of the vertebrae. If you google "device chiropractic" you should come up with a center in FL that certifies chiros in the use of this device; you will also be directed to one in your area. In my experience, too much "bone crushing" led to bone degeneration and premature osteo-arthritis. In any case, device chiropractic is a kinder, gentler alternative to the audible snaps and pops associated with "traditional" chiropractic. PLUS, I am now seeking treatment once/month rather than 2x/wk as I was previously with my old chiro. Good luck!
  6. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    there is no scientific proof that using these therapies has improves the symptoms of fibro, in fact the pain from fibro stems from a dysfunction in the limbic system of the brain, even though the symptoms are felt in the body. i tried osteopath it loosens me up for a few days but did nothing for the pain, and as you know they are very expensive. good thing is my osteopath said this will have no affect on fibro pain, as the nervous system causes tightness and muscle spasms in the body, not joints. actually in all fibro books they say that very rarely do mechanical problems cause pain.
  7. sascha

    sascha Member

    i've had bad experiences with chiropractors in the past- got hurt- now i have cfids and some fm - was still scared about going, but a women who had neck and head pain similar to mine (very bad) highly recommended this chiropractor- said he was gentle.

    he did initial evaluation using thermoscans, x-rays, and physical examination. i came back for first appointment and had an adjustment. he had me kneel on floor and rest my head on a surface with my head turned to the left. then he pushed in i think my top vertebrae. i did have cfids reaction for some days, but then noticed my neck had more range of movement and my neck and head pain were less.

    every visit he scans with the thermo-wand that picks up heat from inflammation- shows sites that are not in alignment- can track progress over time- keep track of where i am compared to where i should be in specific spots up and down my spine.

    this approach is helping me. i recommend thermography and a good practitioner skilled in using it.

  8. ILoveGreen

    ILoveGreen New Member

    Sascha, I'm glad you found some relief. I believe that we don't always have to understand why things make us feel better or why they work or don't work as long as they make us feel better. To me, that way of thinking is subscribed to only by those who have not suffered with chronic, debilitating pain.

    Ear candling is another example of something that provides relief for many, but can't be medically explained.
  9. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    I started going to the chiropractor about 7 years now. He is right, i can tell u. I have been in 3 auto accidents really bad and i have had fibro years before all this happen. I too, thought the same thing that this is making my pain worse. Well it depends on what the dr see in the xrays. My last accident was in dec 2 2011. Iam still being treated behind this accident. My spine was out and disc etc. . Yes, its painful, I had to visit the dr about 3 times a week for about 8 or 9 weeks and then two times a week for about the same or more, now iam going only once a week.. its a long treatment process but, yes u will start to feel better and better. Its not an overnite correction the dr has to make with your body. Let me remind you i was already a patient of this dr before all this happen to me. The Dr can't fix it in one or two visits, because a patient can't usually tolerate the pain because they have to straighten out all the limbs thats not right and when pain is pressing against a disc. This is why he said u will feel worse before u feel better..all these things are wrong with u and it has to be fixed. i preferred to go to a chiropractic then to go to a medical doctor and just give me drugs that will not work . Now, i don't know how long it will take with you to recover. I put a creame on called on my joints and body sometimes, it helps. I would put ice packs on me to help me get though the painful time and take ex strenght tylenol and or alieve every day for pain. I don't have alot of pain finally anymore more from the accident but still the fibro pain is everyday i have learned to tolerate it and yes i know the difference in the pain.:]
    Iam a hypersentitive person i pain when the weather changes and all the time mostly. But will feel better. Try not to overwork your body and rest when u can. If you have a jazzui tub use it this will help also.

    I hope this was helpful to u.
  10. DrBranson

    DrBranson New Member

    Hi, I'm a chiropractor and I thought I'd chime in on this subject and your question, if you don't mind. I treat a considerable number of patients with fibromyalgia and so I would like to give you my opinion about how you might get better results.

    First, I would strongly suggest you talk with your chiropractor about what you're going through. While I normally would agree that some patients get sore or have an increase in symptoms for the first couple of treatments, it is not normal to still be having increased pain and symptoms after 8 treatments. I feel this can be an indication that something isn't right either with the treatments or the way your body is responding. See how your chiropractor responds to this. If he is unwilling to change his treatment methods or look closely at possible causes, regardless of how it is affecting you, then I would change chiropractors.

    If the situation were that I had a patient who after 8 visits was still experiencing pain and increased symptoms, I would change my treatment approach. However, I happen to use the Activator Instrument which as stated by an earlier member, results in significantly less soreness and pain exacerbations following treatment. I have not had a patient remain in pain after 8 treatments, that's for sure. At worst, there might be some soreness after the first treatment, but that usually doesn't persist after the second treatment. But then again, maybe it's possible that I treat more fibromyalgia than the average chiropractor.

    If your doctor does not use this instrument or is not willing to examine other possible treatment methods, I would advise you seek out another chiropractor--preferrably one who is skilled in trigger point therapies, soft tissue treatment and even acupressure and has experience with these therapies in addition to chiropractic care and has significant experience dealing with fibromyalgia. Not all chiropractors are experienced in treating fibromyalgia patients. In the very least, it should not be increasing your pain.

    If there is a fibromyalgia support group in your town or area there will very likely be members there who can recommend good chiropractors that get good results with fibromyalgia patients.
  11. anchor

    anchor Member

    hi, when first Dx i recived chiro Tx 3 times per week, then twice/week and then 1/week and twice/month - now, 9 years later i go 1-2 times per month. and it is the one treatment that gave me my life back (not fully, as FMS/CF is a thief), but enough to be engage in life again.

    yes, it hurts, with fibro i don't think there is a way around that. i get only manual adjustments; he specializes in FMS patients and has additional training in many areas. he's good. very good.

    but it is traumatic to my body and takes a day or two to 'recover' but i would be a mess if it wasn't for chiro. stay with it and trust the process.

  12. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    in one of your long ago posts, you mentioned the coxxyx (mis?) pain. you even mentioned a doctor saying it may be fractured. im wondering if you ever had that mri. if it was bruised , surely after all these months it would have healed by now.

    sorry you are going through all this pain with the tailbone.

  13. dleh

    dleh New Member

    I agree with you on this one. I've had bad experiences with chiro's in the past, but the NUCCA actually helped. I had allot of difficulties with my neck, headaches, muscle aches and a trigger point. After the treatments I noticed a big difference and I felt much better.


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