Fibro and costochodritis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by godgirl, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. godgirl

    godgirl New Member

    Hello, has anyone heard anything about this condition. I started having chest pain after a recent flight back from Ireland. I found a site, I just wanted to know if there is anyone else out there who has this? I felt extreme chest pain with pain in my back and radiating into my left shoulder, short of breath and nausea. Scared me to death, went to the ER and doctors want me to go see a cardiologist. Just don't know if that is necessary. Thanks to all. Haley
  2. tiredmomt

    tiredmomt New Member

    Hi Haley,
    I have also experienced this and have been to the ER as well. A few times actually... I was dx w/ this condition after having my daughter and carrying her infant seat. It was extremely painful and very frightening. I have cont. with this for many yrs, but did have a complete workup at the cardiologist. It still unnerves me, but for me I know the pain is related to this when I push on the area and it hurts more. Again, this is after I have been to the cardiologist and had everything cleared. If nothing else, it gives me peace of mind when the pain comes. Good luck!
  3. takeitaway

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    Not to scare you, however, I would see a cardio as soon as possible. I have the pain referred to a costochodritis sometimes. However, it has never radiated down my left arm nor made me sick to my stomach. From what I have read, costochodritis does not radiate down your arm nor make you sick to your stomach. We all say don't lump everything into this DD - when something new arises, always on the on the safe side to have it checked out.

    Keep us posted.
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  4. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Do you smoke? I used to, and had a sharp cough once, which blew a hole in my lung, which felt just as you described. The pain on breathing was excruciating. Thought I'd had a heart attack.

    Drs missed it on xRAY and for two weeks I made my funeral plans! Then dr called me and said on review, they found the hole in my lung and they would send an ambulance for me.

    I drove there myself, and new xray showed it was healing on its own.

    Moral of the story: get it checked out thoroughly.

    Hope you find relief soon!

    ps: (EDit) I also have costochronditis, which mimics heart pain, but it can go anywhere around your chest and back, and from what I read here, arms, neck, jaws, etc. Heat, rest. If in memopause, its very uncomfy to put heat on it, but the heat really helps. The patches are great...I put right on middle of sternum, between breasts.
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  5. hurt_allover

    hurt_allover New Member

    hello godgirl,

    I posted my recent experience with this on the arthuritis board. as a matter of fact I also had your sypmtoms with the pain/breathing/nausea but not only did it radiate to my left shoulder but the pain shot across my left chest into my shoulder then down my left arm to my elbow then start all over again then as time went by I was getting the same shooting pain in the right side to the elbow as well. anyway, went to er..btw this pain started on a wedesday evening and the trip to the er wasnt until late friday evening.
    I got dx'd with costochodritis. when the doc pushed on the center of my chest I slapped his hand away but, he was very quick and seemed to be expecting to be whacked..LOL

    I feel like you on this part..doc wanted me to go have a stress test to rule out anyother problems with the heart although all my heart test were clear and good to go..whew. I called the new doc I see office to inform them of this situation and the persons on the phone informed me right quick that they dont do stress test that I would have to have it done at the hospital..yeah right! I dont have insurance so thats not an option for me anytime soon. althoug, I am not to worried about it because of my negitive heart test results at the er.

    I do know that this stuff acts just like a heart attack in women.(symptoms).ie..women dont always grab their chest and fall to the floor in horrible pain like you see on t.v. with men having a heart attack.

    so for me..even tho I have been dx'd with fibro and now this added symptom or diease? I will haul myself to the er when it flares again just to be on the safe side..I have heart diease/heart attacks in my women folk side of the family.
  6. flcountrygirl

    flcountrygirl New Member

    I, too have fibro and costochodritis. I thought i was having a heart attack about a month ago- severe chest pains, shortness of breathe, etc. After an EKG, X-rays and blood work; I got the costochodritis diagnosis. I still get "chest-pain" attacks, worse when I am stressed or tired. I have found that those ThermaCare heat wraps help take the edge off the pain. Good luck and Take Care.
  7. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    is when it all started for me, its no fun. I always have a certain level of tenderness in my sternum and chest area. When I am flaring, my whole ribcage hurts and up into my shoulders and so on. I have knots in the muscle underneath my breasts and its awful.

    I've had a thorough cardiac work up which is the norm for costochondritis, bettr to be on the safe side. I do know mine started with an injury to the sternum, the sternal manubrial joint actually. Fractured or dislocated not sure. Unfortunately this is not an area they can go in and fix or fuse, this is the tiny joint in the sternum that allows it to move when you breathe.

    I use ice for the pain and warm showers to loosen up, anti inflamatories are good if you can take them, I cannot.

    I never really realized what kind of work your chest muscles do until this began. My movement is very limited with this.

    God Bless
  8. Dlebbole

    Dlebbole New Member

    Just to reassure you....(but still see a cardiologist): I had my first bout of costo when I was a teenager and I had severe pain, with radiating pain down my left arm. Diane
  9. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    What is a 'thorough cardiac work-up'? I've had FMS/CF for 20+ years and 2 years ago the chest pain started. I've had 2 stress tests, bloodwork, EKG, and ultrasound - all negative. I'm thinking that's more than enough tests but just want to be sure (my primary is clueless about fibromyalgia and is little help - the primary hospital in my neighborhood has never heard of it as I found out today when I scheduled an appointment).
  10. janasw1

    janasw1 New Member

    ...about a few months ago. Freaked out as well. Spent hours in the ER in the middle of the night, told me it was just costochondritis.....and no big deal. If you went to the ER, they probably should have already done the necessary tests, so seeing a cardio probably isn't necessary. It's worth it though if it'll make you feel better about it. Good luck!
  11. englishrose24

    englishrose24 New Member

    my name is Elizabeth, i have not heard of Costochodritis, but i have had Fibromyalgia since having a total Hysterectomy in 2000, in the u.k. a few years ago i started to get irregular heart beats but a lot of people with fibro do. i have on occasions get irregulare heart beat wear it goes realy fast. usualy when i am sitting watching tv. only for a very short time. are you in touch with the FIBROMYALGIA ASSIATION where you live? if you are not then go to, and send them a message and they will help you to get the right i am with the Fibro association hear in Rochester n.y State.
    please contactme direct at, and let me know what happens when you go to a cariolagist, as may be i should also see a cardiologist as well. thankyou for your information.
    English rose 24
  12. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    I too have costo, and it's one of the worst pain i have!! i have all the symptoms you have,except the nausea.

    i agree with the others on here, get your heart checked out. Just to be on the safe side, you never know.

    Maybe your nausea is from just plain ole pain, you hurt bad enough you can get nauseated for sure. Also try not to pull or push things, and no reaching over your head either.

    all of the above puts me in a flare for days. i can't believe the er dr's didn't do at least a chest xray & ekg( well ok maybe i can)

    do you have a regular GP? they can usually do a chest xray & ekg right in the office these days.
    Get you a heating pad, lots if rest, pain meds. it might be a week or so before your pain gets better. if you quit whatever is aggravating it.

    Hope your feeling better soon, & please get that heart checked.

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