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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. MsBrandywine

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    Hi.. just wondering how you all manage it when you get dental work done.. Do you have any neck pain aftewards?
    been thru an abcess tooth over the weekend and then had it out on tuesday.. been a real mess .. with 2 trips to the ER.. then having it drained there and then to the dentist.. now keep having like muscle spasms in the area under the skull.. and down in the shoulder..
    Thanks to all who answer..
    may not be able to stay to answer any replys on meds and boy they about knock me out..
    Thanks again..
  2. Mikie

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    I am so sorry for you abcessed tooth. I had one over the weekend too and had a root canal done on Mon. My neck and jaw hurt so bad from it. I do think having to sit with my mouth wide open for an hour caused TMJ pain. Also, I had a neck lift recently and the area under the jawline is still swollen and sore. The pain settled in there.

    I hope you are doing better. Heat helps and antibiotics will help clear up the infection.

    Love, Mikie
  3. MsBrandywine

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    Hi Thanks for answering.. Im so sorry to hear that you had to go thru almost the same thing.. I have been using heat on it plus heat on my face and then today started to on my neck.. does help some but.. not a whole lot..
    as far as antibiotics.. taking 2 on cleomycin (Mispell) at 150 mgs.. then 1 500 mgs of keflex.. both every six hours.. The Dentist upped it to 2 on the one.. she said it was so severe and she hadnt seen an abcess like that in years.. she even called me 2 times at home yesterday to check on me.. which i thought was unusual but very kind and considerate.
    anyways.. I am on the road to recovery.. least I think I am. lol.. so my regular Dr says... but I go back tomorrow to be seen .. (from some of the poisoning slipped down thru the tissue of my neck and its like stuck near the base of my throat in the skin) never heard of such a thing before but the redness is gone now and its not so swollen....anyways
    thanks again and God speed your a fast recovery..
  4. Mikie

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    The good news is that it sounds like you have a good doc. I am praying for your speedy recovery. BTW, the heat has helped me more than anything.

    You might consider checking into taking ABX like Doxycycline, Azithromycin, Cipro, or Minocin on a regular basis to see if it helps your all over health. Or, you could get the PCR DNA testing done to see if you have chronic stealth infections. I'm betting you do.

    Love, Mikie
  5. MsBrandywine

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    HI.. Thank you for replying and helping.
    I went to my Dr today and she said I was on the road to recovery and doing much better then when she saw me on Wednesday.I'm still a little swollen but its gradually going down.its down alot..

    and yes.. it was scary.. when the Dentist called me the next day two times!.. then said how concerened she was.. well. it made me feel good to think that some Drs and Dentist take the time to call to check up but.. it really scared me when she said how she was up half the night and hoping she did a good job getting every thing out and cleaning it good.
    On the antibiotics.. the erythomycion. Im not able to take that one it does a number on my upper stomach. I dont remember ever taking the other ones.. I should probably do a search.. Thank you for letting me know on that.

    How are you doing Mikie? I have other work that needs to be done but now that I have found a super Dentist, it wont be quite so bad.. will go get my teeth taken care of and keep them that way sure dont want to go through this again!.

    Hugs to all..

  6. MsBrandywine

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    forgot to mention.. I do have TMJ also....
  7. Allen

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    Have been going through horrendous oral surgery for the past 1 1/2 years including 4 bone grafts, 7 implants, gums being cut and taking heavy pain killers for days afterward. I fear there's nothing else to help us while we also endure this horrible Fibro.