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    Hey. It's been along time since I was here. I have finally after years of trying found some balance. I no longer feel totally behind. Mount washmore no longer exsists. I can recognize flares and have learned not to over do yadda yadda.

    Now I would like to lose wt. It seems a very daunting task. I weigh almost 300 pounds. Dieting has never been easy. I was put on my first diet at 7, at 9 my father said I was too fat to deserve birthday 19 I swore off dieting for life.

    Once before I lost down to 201 by excersising and working very hard...nothing I can realisitcally do now. I had to quit work several years ago.

    I started at the football track while my boys were at practice I would walk one lap...afer a couple weeks I started doing 2 laps. As the football season came to an end (my 12 year old won city tournament) I moved it to the gym on the treadmill. I walk .25 mile at 1.5 mph. A snails pace Im sure. One day I was feeling well and walked .5 (boy what a mistake). I took a few days off and went back to .25. I also swim some sometimes.

    I would like to very slowly incorperate some resistence training as well.

    If anyone has any first hand knowledge I would LOVE to hear from you.

    God's Peace be with you!

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    I just wanted you to know that there is a thread on Wednesday's called "Lose the flubber" started by Kimba4318. It is a thread to check in with each other and weigh in. Really just to support each other when trying to lose weight. She usually posts it every Wednesday, you are welcome to join in if you are looking for some support! Take care, Kim
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    It looks like a great place to monitor progress. (and be accountable)

    I would also really like to hear from anyone who has been successful at incorperating exercise while dealing with moderately bad fibro.

    Thanks again

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    hi there lilac i do exercising i go on a gymball so bouncy and relaxing as well good on every part of ur body,bcause being so soft it covers all parts of the body and not strenerise either,and u can exercise even sitting down,i also try and do situps if having a good day,if not then just do gymball but take my time if fibro is playing up,so goodluck with it,takecare,
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    I am still trying to find the amount of exercise that will keep me moving and not make me feel terrible. I told my dr this morning I can't seem to find a correlation between the pain and the amount of exercise I have done.

    She pointed out that I was not taking into account everything I had done that day! If I go the grocery store, or clean a bathroom I don't need to walk as long on the treadmill.

    So be careful and don't just take into consideration your exercise time, but everything you have done that day. I am going to see if I can make any sense of this!

    Also go slow with any resistence training. I have been doing pushups against the wall, moving my feet out as I feel up to it. Always do half of what you think you can or less until you know how you react.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks again to everyone. I also found three or four really good articles on this immune support site that had tips to tell how to get started and when you are doing too much ect.

    Several years ago I joined a really nice gym in our area. I started with a book of water exercises for people with arth. but I never could stick with it because by the time I got ready, drove over there, got in, exercised, got out, showered, got ready, and came home I was totally wiped out.

    So while I am only walking a short distance on the treadmill I found it is something I can stick with better, because on days like yest, when I didn't feel so well, I can cut my time in half and still do something. And on good days I can add the arth water exercises to it.

    Thanks Again