Fibro and ME/CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tsuker, May 14, 2006.

  1. tsuker

    tsuker New Member


    I have Fibro and have just been diagnosed with CFS/ME.

    I had my bloods results back today and they contain Glandular fever antibodies.

    Anyone else have FMS and CFS/ME together?

  2. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    I dont have fibro, but I have CFS/ME - diagnosed since Feb 2004.

    From what I can gather there are many here on the boards that have both FMS and CFS.

    I'm sure someone will add to your post soon.

    What specifically did you want to know?

    Take care
  3. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    Yes, I have CFS and fibro together, however, my fibro has been very mild over the last year and a half. Only recently has the pain and muscle twitching gotten worse. The CFS is another story, though. I was diagnosed with CFS is June of 2004, and it's been up and down, but mostly down. About a month and a half ago I entered the worst CFS relapse ever, and it's been downhill ever since. The fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, and low-grade fevers have been off the chart.

    All of my blood tests to date have come out normal. I've had the occasional positive ANA, high C-reactive protein, and I tested positive for past infection of parvo virus. Other than that, everything has been normal. My illness dates back to when I had mono, however, recently I had my blood tested for EBV antibodies, and that came out negative. So now I'm wondering what was the cause of my mono-like illness.

    Gentle hugs,

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