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    I am new to this fact have not ever gone online
    in a chat room or as part of a support group.
    I was officially diagnosed with FM 1 yr. ago. I had been
    treated for CFS 15 yrs. ago by a holistic dr.. I did feel
    some of the therapy he prescribed was helpful. Supplements,
    homeopathic remedies and injections and diet changes.
    Because ins. would not cover any of the above I finally had
    to give up all tx.. It was close to 300$ a month at that time.
    I have struggled for years with aches and pains and overwhelming fatigue.
    I am hoping to get some emotional support and any pointers on what has worked for anyone who battles this draining ailment.
    Particularly interested in a dietary approach. I have started researching Dr. Weils lifestyle changes and hope
    to incorporate some of his recommendations into my daily
    routine soon.
    I realize I am lengthy with this initial entry.
    Any response would be greatly appreciated. I feel its time
    to just be able to touch base with others who are dealing
    with FM. Thanks, Pam

  2. Kathryn

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    Welcome to the best source of information and support that you are likely to find. Look for some books written by Dr. Devin Starlanyl. They are often available on Ebay. She has FM herself and is very knowledgable.
  3. nogilroy

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    just wanted to welcome you here .this is a very good and helpfull place . see you latter
  4. Mikie

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    Welcome; you have come to the right place. There are all kinds of good people here with all kinds of expertise and on all kinds of treatments. Everyone is very generous in sharing info here.

    Love, Mikie