Fibro and Medical bracelets

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lyzzy, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. lyzzy

    lyzzy New Member

    Do any of you with Fibro wear medical bracelets, ansd if so what do you have put on them?
  2. tkm1222

    tkm1222 New Member

    I don't have one but have always wondered if I should get one. Anyone have any advice re: this??
  3. TallMOM

    TallMOM New Member

    I wear a medical alert, but it is not for FM/CFIDS/ME. I have those medical problems. Mine is ( code N), No CPR, NO jump starts. I want med. for pain only.

    I have been so ill for so long if it is my time to go, then let me go.
  4. lyzzy

    lyzzy New Member

    I asked the pharmacist and she couldn't advise on it. My concern is that I take so many drugs that i don't think they could all be put on a bracelet.
  5. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    lyzzy, one idea is that you could list an emergency contact on your bracelet, saying "important medical history and list of medications, call ###-###-####" and you could have listed a partner, parent or close friend who has a current list of your medications and dosages, any allergies, etc.

    I thought about getting one that listed my emergency contact info, for the same reason lyzzy, I figured it would be easier to have a person for them to contact to tell them that info since it's WAY to much for a little bracelet. ;)
  6. lyzzy

    lyzzy New Member

    Ellikers, that is a good idea, one I didn't think of. THey need to make special fibro bracelets for us.
  7. padre

    padre New Member

    I wear one because I do not have blood pressure or pulse in either arm -- do not want EMT to think I'm dead when I'm just resting. If notified or accessed by internet all my meds (14) and medical history comes up. I list fibro and for this reason. When I was hospitalized due to vacular condition, they took me off of my pain meds and my sleeping meds. What should have been a couple of days in the hospital turned into 9 days in intensive care. I was finally released after I found a doctor (a psychiatrist no less) who listened to me. Got my meds and got out.

    Even if I did not have another issue, I would wear a bracelet just in case I was hospitalized again.
  8. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    Would it be appropriate to wear one stating for medical conditions call ### ### ####. (Primary Care Physician's phone number here)??

  9. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

  10. padre

    padre New Member

    On Medic-Alert they list up to five contact people including doctors and relatives.
  11. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    at my doc office they have a lil card to fill out saying all your meds u r on I suppose u could list your most dangerous coditions also

    usually if something happens they look in your wallet to find out who u r u could keep it with your id

    someone else posted on here about putting a number in your cell listed as emergency contact u could make sure that pesron knows all u r on

    what a scary thought to go to hospital and they have no idea what meds u r on they could give u suttin that does not mix scary...-kim

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