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    I use to take cymbalta I stopped after two years. I cannot afford to pay that kind of money for it. I have been in chronic pain for over ten years. Does anyone know about getting discounts or coupons from pharmaceutical companies to help with the cost of these products??
    I cannot take lyrica. I currently do not take anything that helps. I am now just starting to panic attact/anxiety at night. does anyone else have this developement?
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    Hi, I just put is on here as the post "Low cost/no cost prescriptions"
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    Unfortunately, the supplements cost money too and in today's world that can be a problem when money is very short. Some of the drug companies are offering programs for free meds but I don't know of any supplement companies offering programs for free supplements--I wish they would.

    I'm on an program where I get some aid in my housing, and prescriptions are considered in figuring the aid, but supplements are not.
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