Fibro and pain are so cruel

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Each day I pray that this will be the day when I can walk with out pain.May this be the start of a new life where pain and fatique don't make my life horriable. I am tired of this never ending pain that does not let me sleep, rest, to do all the things I want to do, I want to exercise, lose weight , at least if I could move with less pain I could do some thing I know would help me to feel better. I have to lose weight before any surgery can be done, Why make the pain worse when i weigh too much it will only cuase me to have more problems and the surgery on my knee's would not be the best. I have lived with pain since I was just a child, to think it would end quick and easy is a dream .
    Some people can write beaautiful words discribing how they feel , I don't have this gift, I ask only that one day I will find the courage to get up ,and start moving slowly, starting to walk, exercise to be albe to lose the weight, once I do that I will feel better than today. It is a starting point. I am going to start this now to do this dream of exercisesing. Yes I know it will take a while as i have to go slow or I will over do and that wil only slow any progrss that I have made. So dear lord is your listening please bles with with the desire to do this , to start to help my body help it's self.
    Thank you
    Rosemarie one step at a time
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    Ive been in pain nearly 6 years with fibro, i know the nightmare believe me, they do think i had pre-existing symptoms before the accident. 6 years of different medications as each one barely helped and soon wore off, 6 years of being dictated to by a body which i felt no longer my own. I've read every research paper, seen Rheumatologists, some that specialise in fibro, their answer more drugs, the latest drugs and the long bloody list of side effects which accompany them that would make your toes curl woo hoo! So now all i can say is a present i am reading Dr Sarno's books and they make sense, especially in relation to the dysfunction of the central nervous system, endocrine, and autonomic nervous system found in patients with fibro. I'm qualifed in the the workings of the body, and ive read alot about the mind, the brain after all is like a computer it functions our bodies. So there you have it, and (really frightened to write this) but i'm getting results, but must be dedicated to whats suggested and basically thats just taking 30 minutes out of your day to read the book. Im at the stage "what have i got to lose, i am not gonna watch another 6 years of my life past by to this condition!" I have the mindbody prescription which is easier to understand, and the divided mind which is a bit more indepth but with more case studies, picked both up cheap on the aution websites, check out the reviews, oh and theres one called freedom from fibromyalgia based on his work, but purely dedicated to this condition that does cause very real phyical changes in the bodies systems written by two people who cured themselves by Sarno's methods. All the best!

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