fibro and pcos

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  1. teej81

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    hi everyone, i am new. i hope i am not simply bringing up old info (i just found this site 5 minutes ago and haven't been able to look around much yet). I am 23. i have fibromyalgia and have had trouble with my periods for at least 10 years now. I have been pretty sure for a while that i have pcos but cannot seem to get a dr. to check it out. does anybody know anything about the suspected relationship between fibro and pcos?
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    I'm new also. I'm sorry but what does PCOS stand for?
  3. darude

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    I have PCOS and they found a pituitary tumour recently. no wonder hormones out of whack.
  4. teej81

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    polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    i just found some stuff on the connections between this and FMS this evening. to be honest, i am hurt and angry that my doctors have never been serious about any of this. i am to the point that i dont want to go to the doctor every time i have problems because i am tired of finding out everything that is wrong with me. i was just tested for hypoglycemia (tests came back normal, dr. said it must be neurological) and now i find out my symptoms sound a lot more like pcos than hypoglycemia.
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    There is a connection I'm sure.
    I've seen this pcos and fibro go together alot! Just like FM and Endometriosis. (I have those 2)
    I suspect pcos too.
    Does anyone know if with that you always have ovarian cysts,..and problems with them burtsing??
    I keep getting cysts and while the doc. will wanna recheck in 3 months to see its growth,....sometimes I get severe pelvic/stomach/groin pain,..... and within a day or 2 start bleeding too. (While my period is not due.)
    So its abnormal bleeing for me.
    This has happened to me at least 3-4 times over the last few yrs.

    You might use the search box and put PCOS in.
    There are plently of older posts on this topic.
    You might find something mentioned before of interest or help~
    Tandy :)