Fibro and susceptibility to skin rashes??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KayL, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. KayL

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    Last week we were on vacation in FL. I have gone to the beach countless times in my life, along the eastern US coast, all along the FL coast and in the Caribbean. I DO have an allergy to shellfish and to iodine, but going into the Gulf or the ocean has never affected me.

    Last week after 2 days on the beach I broke out in a rash all over, it started on my lower legs and then spread until finally it was almost covering my entire body, although not on my face, or on the parts that were covered by my swimsuit, etc. I was using 50 SPF sunscreen, so I thought perhaps that was the cause, but I used it on my face and didn't get the rash there.

    One thing I did notice was that after I had Prolotherapy on my elbows the week before we left, I had a rash on one elbow where my doc had accidentally started to prep it with iodine, and immediately cleaned it off. The rash I had at the beach was VERY similar to it, but on one of my legs the rash was very red. It itched like the devil too and I practically lived on Benadryl.

    I spent a good part of the week trying to figure out what was causing it, and my sister thought it was an auto-immune thing; I kept saying I'd never had a problem like that before, but she pointed out that I'd never been as *sick* as I have the last few years before either. I pretty much stayed out of the sun the last half of the week, but the rash persisted, and is just now finally going away.

    Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this with FM, or do any of you have any thoughts on this? Thanks!


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    I read this with interest because I have gotten a few rashes lately and never use to before!!! I've had FM now for 11 yrs or so. Way back when I was being DX and going thru tests.....A rheumatologist had thought I had lupus but my ANA was negative(a bloodtest indicative of lupus).
    So now,the last yr only, i've had a few rashes??One time I was taking benedryl too for a itchy rash all over my body(none on my face)and two different Drs were stumped on what it was!!I finally had one Dr call it pityriasis~ But even now ehn I go in the sun for quite some time,I break out in small little bumps!!scattered here&there?? I'm bringing all this up to you because just last week I went for bloodwork and my ANA came back possitive!!!so again they're thinking maybe Lupus!!I just went this morning for more bloodwork.So I don't know whats going on but I read your post here and it reminds me of what i've been going thru lately. I hope you get some answers soon~
    And wear your sunscreen everyone!!
    Warm regards,
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    I do not get rashes, I have FM. BUT some meds make you photosensitive. Have you check what you are taking concerning this?

    Even some OTC's will cause this.

    Just a thought I would pass along.............

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. AnnG

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    Before I was diagnosed I broke out in horrible rashes after sun exposure. One time it covered 80% of my body (never my face) and was so miserable. I went to every Dr I could think of and no one knew what was causing it. Years later it came back on my arms, back of knees and abdomen. When the skin Dr took biopsys they came back showing that the rash was coming from my lymph system. The only thing that helped was taking Zyrtec at night. Now, when I feel that familiar prickly feeling all over my skin I start taking zyrtec and it goes away after a few days. Hope this helps.
  5. KayL

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    Tandy, I've had the blood tests run for Lupus 3 times in the last 3 years. I'm wondering if this is worth mentioning to my docs in a couple of weeks? I see my osteo on the 26th and my PCP on the 30th - both have tested me for lupus, so maybe I should bring this up to one or both of them??

    Shirl, I will check out my meds - that was one thing my sister and bounced around - the fact that something I'm on could have caused that.

    It's really funny in a way - I used to be a major sun worshipper for most of my life; several years ago I decided to *start taking care of my skin* and I use sun screen all the time when I'm out in the sun. The one week when I was really looking forward to enjoying the beach and was really trying to protect my skin from a burn, I looked like I had the creeping crud from the rash, and couldn't stop scratching for anything.