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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynnkat, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I had an appointment to have my eyes checked in order to get a new pair of persscription sunglasses last week. During the exam I informed the eye doc that I had fibromyalgia and asked if and how this could affect my eyesight. The doc didn't even hesitate long enough to formulate an answer and just said that fibro is a joint disease and that eyes don't have any joints so my eyes wouldn't be affected. DUH!!!!! I have been reading quite a bit about fibro, let alone living with it and know that sometimes my vision is different!!! Is it all in my head or does a big percentage of the medical community not get what fibro really is? Has anyone else experienced this with eye docs??? Gotta keep laughing or go crazy. {{{HUGS}}} lynnkat
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    Lynnkat, I don't know how much FMS is attributed to frequent changes in vision, but this information may be something for you to think about.

    I've got 3 doctors who have given me my FMS diagnosis, among a few other diagnoses. The endocrinologist dug a little deeper and I have an apparent pituitary gland dysfunction; my IGF-1 hormone level is low. He also mentioned suspecting a tumor on my pituitary gland. The IGF-1 hormone is the one that is produced during stage 4 sleep and is necessary for cell repair; don't know if it's the lack of stage 4 sleep that has caused this problem in me or a tumor yet. However, one of the symptoms of a pituitary gland tumor is the frequent changes in vision. So yes, that will link FMS to eyesight.

    On the other hand, I experience changes in my vision from day to day, which are not permanent, in that one day I can't focus with my contact lenses in, and other days I am fine, then some days I seem to have one eye that is blurry, while the other one is fine.

    Unfortunately, all doctors can't be knowledgeable enough about this to really apply it to their specific medical specialty, and we are the ones who pay the price for that. It looks like you will have to take control and do the research for your eye doctor; hopefully he will be receptive to it.

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    I really don't know what affect fibro has on your eyesight.But my eye Dr. wants to know any health problems you have including fibro.That doesn't mean that all health problems can cause eye trouble,maybe he just wants to know in case you have something that can. bejo
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    First, this is not a disease of the joints. It is a neurological disorder which affects all parts of our bodies. Vision is a process which happens in the brain. Our brains do not function normally and this can wreak havoc with our eyesight.

    My eyedoc is very knowledgeable about this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello..I have eye troubles but mine are due to
    gluocoma which runs in my mother's family. I
    never asked if my fibro effected them because
    I have enough to do with the gluocoma. I don't
    even care if fibro changes them because the
    gluocoma is the biggie for me; everything else is
    secondary. Also being diabetic that's bigger than
    fibro for me too. If diabetes not well controlled,
    blindness can result; same with gluocoma.

    I know the above isn't much of an answer for you.
    Just sharing my eye story.

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    Thanks to you all for the quick response! It is so great to be able to ask a question about fibro stuff and not get brushed off as if I have a few screws loose. Granted---I might have a few screws that could use tightening butI had those before I was diagnosed with fibro!!! I feel like sending this eye doc some info on fibro for her own information but she didn't impress me as someone who wanted to be contradicted on anything. Maybe one day the medical profession will be more understanding about fibro and wouldn't that be a glorious day!!! Keep laughing if you can, lynnkat