fibro/and too many test????

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    Hi guys

    I was reading back from every1 about there mri's and possibly ms problems.
    I too recently have been going thru this. I had 1 MRI and the tech messed it up so it came back inconculsive, went another full brain/brainstem cervical/and spine
    last week was evoked response full battery test......I called it electric shock treat.......LOL and thurs I go to the neuro and he will do emg of of all my extrmities.
    I was diagnosed about 2yrs ago but now begining to thing might be something else have no controll og bladder/ sensation on right side barely. gait is way off. have fallen sooo many times.I fell like I have elephant legs and then sometimes they arent even there,.
    Loss of periphal vision in right eye.
    If he yells me it is all just part off the fibro I just dont know what to do. Its gtting hardder and hardder to work everyday. But I have to. raisinh 3 kids on my own .

    Remember Its your body you tell your doctor, your doctor doesnt always have to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    warm hugs to every one

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    You are right you have tobe your own advocate. If you do have to go into disability get your records and reports etc together, if you feel your doc isn't helping you properly you may want to find another that understands and treats FMS. Good luck and take care, Kim and Gary