fibro and vertigo

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by scarlett19, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I have fibro, restless legs, sleep apenea, arthiritis, and asthma. I have been out of work since January due to vertigo. My doctors and I are becoming very frustrated. Where can I find information regarding the connection between fibro and vertigo? Thank you.
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    Hello scarlett, I have FM/CFS/sleep apnea/MCS and it seems to have all started from long-UNdiagnosed LYME DISEASE. Well, since the LD is now chronic, I am always on and off of antibiotics, in addition to being for the sore throats, etc from cfs. ANYWAY, very often when I get a lung/throat thing, they will be accompanied by VERTIGO ranging from a few "whoa's" to room spinning all the time (maybe the inner ear is affected by this?). So, you might consider the possibility of a chronic infection (remember one of the theories of CFS is caused by a current or previous virus like mono, EBV, LD etc) and try some doxycyclene or biaxin-xl or at least some testing. Lyme disease itself has many of the same symptoms as these other things and is often called the "great imitator" (or something like that).
    Peace and good luck.
    PS if you ever had the lyme vaccine, this might be a good time to look it up on the internet regarding the arthritis.
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    Scarlett I also have fibro, restless legs and the list goes on that goes with the good Ole' Fibro. Wow I suffered with the vertigo for many months to the point where the bed felt like it was spinning. We tried the med's and that did not help. Then we found that there is a hair falical(sp?) in the inner ear and mine broke off. Then the Dr. had me lay my head to the side for 5 minutes and then the otherside for 5 minutes. It's not a quick fix and it was the last thing that he could think that was causing the vertigo.
    I wish I could help you out more but I can only tell you about my experience...Hope this helps..lagm
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    hi all ihave had vertigo really bad on and off for 14 years last 3 years i have been bedboud. turns out i also have chronic lymes disease. got a test from private doctor cause my own doctor said it was anxiety!!.i live in scotland and am new to this site.
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    I am dealing with Fibro and Vertigo too. I am concerned that they are running together. It is bad enough dealing with one, not to have both. I also have PCOS. Seems like most days I cannot win.
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    I have fm and cfs, I suffer with off balanceness and vertigo. Been to an Emt had mri done of the brain but nothing shows up. There are vertigo centers out there that help with this, they use different manuvers of your head to help with the vertigo. Also I just found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency. Also get checked for lyme disease. It is an epidemic now.