fibro and vertigo

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by scarlett19, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I have fibro, restless legs, sleep apenea, arthiritis, and asthma. I have been out of work since January due to vertigo. My doctors and I are becoming very frustrated. Where can I find information regarding the connection between fibro and vertigo? Thank you.
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    Did you post this on the CFIS/FM board?

    Try looking up Orthostatic Intolerance and Tinnitus. (two different things) Many fibro patients suffer from one or both of those and they can both cause vertigo. From reading about them, you should be able to see if your vertigo fits into those patterns, or if it's more than that.

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    Do you by chance take blood pressure medication? If so, the vertigo/dizziness could be from BP meds. I recently had an increase in BP meds, a new one added, had vertigo and thought it was my old problem. It was not. Decided to take less BP med according to doctor's instructions and the vertigo cleared up. For some reason the body does not adjust to new lowered BP, takes a while.
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    I take a water pill for my bp. I have been on the same med and dose for almost a year. The vertigo started in January. Thanks of the info though. I am really searching for some type of answer as this vertigo has really changed my life. The FM is bad enough but this on top of it is devastating. Scarlett
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    I have seemed to stay that way so long, it is like I am walking on a ship all the time. My husband just automatically holds my hands and coaches me. I fall all the time and always have been clumsy. Inadition to that I have had a concussion and they did skull exrays, but no eeg. I go to neuro in the am, hoping he can get me an answer. A lot of times it is medication and 3 of mine say could cause dizziness or drowsiness, and if I take one during the day I am dizzier, that is why a lot are prescribed at night, to help get over the side effects. Good luck.

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    Hi, I have Chronic Lyme Disease (also CFS/FM/MCS,etc) and I am on and off of antibiotics for ongoing treatments. From time to time, I get periods of vertigo (WOW) (sometimes other symptoms with it, sometimes not). Anyway, usually when I restart the antibiotics the vertigo is gone or much less within a few days. Sometimes it comes back when I am done with the antibiotic, sometimes it doesnt. Maybe you have some sort of chronic infection or virus? Good Luck.