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  1. Debra49659

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    Its just a single page but its a positive single page. One point in the article the new diagnosic determination for FM, submitted by the Academy of Rheumatology. The only thing I would have liked to see is less discussion of the benefits of exercise and more about the need for further research.

    I am foggy today so it may not exactly be called the Academy of Rheumatology, and my spelling is probably off:)

  2. 3gs

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    Read article,didnt find it anything special or new. If I hear the excerise crap one more time I'll scream.

    understand the fog
  3. roge

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    that is good it is in readers digest.

    but seriously, im sick of the exercise and take an AD for fibro treatment. this isnt the 1980s.

    exercise helps mostly anyone with any disease feel better about themselves and prevents muscle atrophy which i believe is important, but this notion that exercise (aerobic and muscle strengthening) is one of the most effective treatments for FM needs to stop! yes any form of exercise to ones tolerance is important but it has been and continues to be highly overrated as a treatment for FM. that said, i will say stretching is the most important form of exercise if you can call stretching exercise.

    heh aerobic and or muscle strenghtening might help some, but for many it makes their pain worse and certainly doesnt make their FM any better. its like telling someone with a torn muscle who is getting sad cause he cant do what he used to be able to do , to go use the injured muscle and exercise as that will make u feel better, well it might for the time you are exercising and the few hours after due to some increased endorphins but you wont feel better later that day and for the next 3 days when that torn muscle is screaming to you why did you do that. same can be said for those with FM and yes this for people who even start low and gradually increase the intensity although that is better than not starting slow and light. not completely attacking exercise as a therapy for FM, just it is way overrated if you ask me.

    i am one who believes the muscle and tendons of people with FM are dysfunctional and their are studies that prove this. FM just isnt just a central sensitization problem as many keep saying, it is peripheral as well, with dysfunctional soft tissues. im so tired of doctors/researchers/people saying there is nothing wrong with our soft tissues.

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  4. Debra49659

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    I remember one of the first PC doctors I saw after I was dx'd. Suggested walking at the 5 miles, yoga and becoming a vegan. I kid you not:)

    I talked to my pain specialist about that and his take on exercise is that exercise ie important. However you have to start out very slowly. Walk to the end of the driveway, then walk to the end of the block, ect.

    I never did see that PC doctor again. I found another one that is much more in tune with my pain doctor. Yeah!!

    A little exercise is ok for me, and marathons...well not so much.

    I really would have liked to see it mentioned that much more research needs to be done, we've barely opened the door.

    That being said, yea it was alot of old information. However, new to all the folks out there that have never heard of/or believed in fibromyalgia.

    We need to start somewhere:)

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