fibro as a result of trauma new Japanese study

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    (from CoCure)

    A fibromyalgia patient with traumatic cerebrospinal fluid leak: a case report.

    Clin Rheumatol. 2008 May 24. [Epub ahead of print]

    Toda K, Moriyama E, Ishikawa S.

    Department of Rehabilitation, Hiroshima Prefectural Rehabilitation
    Center, 295-3 Taguchi, Saijyou, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima,
    739-0036, Japan,

    PMID: 18500438

    We present a fibromyalgia patient with traumatic cerebrospinal fluid
    (CSF) leak. A woman was referred because of widespread pain, general
    fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and deterioration of memory
    after a traffic accident. These signs and symptoms in a sitting or
    standing position were more deteriorated than in a recumbent
    position. Although she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, her
    widespread pain was unusually severe.

    She was diagnosed with traumatic CSF leak based on radioisotope
    cisternography. Her widespread pain was slightly decreased after
    epidural blood patches, but the nausea completely disappeared and
    dizziness was eased. A second radioisotope cisternography revealed
    that the leak of cerebrospinal fluid was discontinued.

    CSF leak is characterized by headache, nausea, dizziness, and visual
    impairment. The symptoms and signs resemble Barre-Lieou syndrome.
    Another characteristic is that these symptoms and signs in a sitting
    or standing position are more deteriorated than in a recumbent
    position. Fibromyalgia after trauma is sometimes comorbid with
    traumatic CSF leak. Radioisotope cisternography is essential for
    diagnosis. It demonstrates direct findings such as radioisotope leak
    into the spinal epidural space and indirect findings such as early
    bladder filling and/or the rapid disappearance of radioisotopes from
    the CSF space.

    A beneficial treatment is an epidural blood patch. Patients with
    fibromyalgia and traumatic CSF leak are likely to suffer more severe
    signs and symptoms such as increased widespread pain than patients
    with fibromyalgia alone. Patients with fibromyalgia and traumatic CSF
    leak are often refractory to treatment.
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    Very interesting article.

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    My husband has always thought this was the cause of my fibro, eventually leading to CFS...I was rear ended in the late 80's and never the same but I have had an exorbitant about of trauma and stress in my life so very hard to actually pinpoint...I doubt I will ever 'investigate' this theory on myself until they come out with a very simple way of doing so...

    Thank you posting this~MamaDove
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    I had a car accident one time before also flipped it in a ditch. Came out fine i thought. a radostope cisternography what is that>

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    I had extreme headaches and visual disturbances twice, both after myelograms. Both necessitated lying down for several days until the symptoms subsided. I was not told it was a "leak" per se, but had to do with the level of CSF after a puncture. As has been my misfortune, I think any insult to the spinal column can cause a myriad of neuro and ortho symptoms. I even think it had a hand in my developing FMS, even though I had surgical repair of my problem; I still carry a lot of neuro symptoms to this day. Thanks for sharing the info.
  6. hensue

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    Never heard of that ?
    What is it?
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    I had spinal fusion due to severe scoliosis 31 years ago, and since I've gotten fibro. Many have told me the trauma from that caused it. How many others out there had the same thing?

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