fibro bacterial overgrowth

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  1. crow61

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    anyone dealing with this bacterial overgrowth--taking antibiotics now (two) and then doctor suggested using a probiotic. my symptons--bloated--constipation (really bad) acid yucky taste in my mouth--help--just had second positive test for this--not going away..
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    Yes, I know what you are going through. I have used many antibiotics and it has helped a lot. But it is a double edge sword. It creates fungal infections over time and other potential problems like constipation and really screw up the digestive system. I wish I could give you better advice, but I am still trying to figure out myself how to deal with it. When you are done with the antibiotics, maybe the doctor can give you a coarse with an anti-fungal to try to help. Good luck!
  3. Theresa

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    I have very similar stomach and digestive problems. But I've never been treated for a bacterial infection. I currently have a yeast infection in my throat which is related to digestion but am wondering if there is bacterial infection as well.

    What type of bacteria is it? I have that terrible taste in my mouth as well.
    Thanks, Theresa
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    I don't have any advice for you hun. I am just wondering how you were tested for this. I also have alot of those symptoms. I'm sure someone here is experienced in this and will get to your post.

    Let us know how you do, and about how you were tested.

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    If you are taking antibitics I would recommend that you also take probiotics as well as some type of antifungal or threelac. The antibiotics can cause candida overgrowth.

    Your symptoms are symptoms of candida overgrowth. Bloated, constipation, bad taste in mouth can all be from candida.
    There is a blood test for this you can ask your dr to do for you to determine if you have candida overgrowth.

    A yeast infection in throat is a pretty good indication of candida overgrowth in other areas of the body. I would definatly treat with antifungals.

    What type of test did your dr do for the bacterial overgrowth? My dr always prescribes nystatin or diflucan along with any long term antibiotic use. There are also supplement alternatives like threelac, pau d arco, garlic and many others you can use.
  6. crow61

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    I recently had a 3 hour breath test for bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. This is the second time in one year that my gastro dr. tested me. i was previously treated with a specific antibiotic for bacteria in my intestinal tract--but wasn't successful. This is a new test, where you drink some liquid on an empty stomach and then every 15 mins for 3hrs you breath in a bag that collects your breath-then these bags are hooked up to a computer that reads the amount of bacteria in your system. You can read about bacterial overgrowth online just google it..anyway I am now on two specific antibiotics that only stay in your intestinal tract and are suppose to kill the bad bacteria to make room for the good. I hope that someone else might have gone thru this and can say they have been cured?? Along with my fibro and now this new problem I need some help--anyone else got this or suggestions???
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    whenever you take anti-biotics, you may get yeast infections etc. Take a pro=biotic afterwards to reestablish good gut flora. Also, you can eat yogurt with them beneficail bacteria (it will say so on the package) Yopait is a good one. Eating this regularly may help some. I have not had the type of bacterial overgrowth you speak of (I don't think) but I get yeast infections alot! Good luck to you. Maybe you could google bacterial overgrowth and find out some info.
  8. Summit

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    "Most CFS/FM patients need to be taking supplemental Betaine" (hydrochloric acid), according to the article "Dr. Paul Cheney on Betaine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia patients." That's because they often lack the amounts of stomach acid needed to digest nutrients and fend off bacteria in the digestive tract. Yet recognition and correction of this deficiency is often stymied because the symptoms of too little digestive acid may mimic those of too much acid.* more

    This is from the ProHealth' Thought it may be of interest to you