Fibro cause closer than you think dr. says..

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  1. I told my rheum dr. (bad day) I thought they would never find the cause of fibro, and he said "oh yes, it is closer than you think) . This dr. was a professor, is very knowlegable of fibro, etc. I said really, and then I fogged out and the appt was done. Darn I wonder .....
  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I sure hope he's right. It would be amazing.

  3. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Please keep us posted on this post if you find out more.
  4. JaneSmith

    JaneSmith New Member

    Hope he is right. My doc says about 20 years for a cure.
  5. marti_zavala

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    Well, they don't have a cure for a lot of illnesses but they sure should have the cause nailed down by now.

    I think I'd have to stage a protest if it took them another 20 years to find the cause.

  6. stumped

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    Hey fine folk. Found another Fibromyalgia study for those still suffering. Shared this with my daughter and now you. Dont know if its worth a hill of beans or not but, here it is . Or 866-787-4257. No cost study and evaluation. Found it in the paper. What I find, I will share. Still Runnin desperatly for ya. Thanks for all your help.......Rick
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    Your link is for mental health.

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    It stated Fibromyalgia and I ran with it. Sorry. I will start investigating a little more before sending or sharing. Im still in "Panic Pop mode" and need to slow it down a tad. I'm with Marti. Time for a protest. I'm waiting a week! LOL Thanx tee Rick
  9. hi all,

    im so happy to read that your doctor says a fibromyalgia cause is closer than we think.

    ooohh ive so longed to know why it happened to us,and can it be fixed?

    as you may know,i am juicing and eating raw ginger eating well too,and have stopped cows milk.

    my asthma has improoved while doing this.

    im also sensitive to food and drinks additives,artificial colours and preservatives.

    im also bothered by chemical sensitivities.

    i dont know if thats because of the fibromyalgia,or if maybe its due to the M.E./CFS.

    but i must say that ive found it very strange that if i dont keep up drinking my cranberry juice morning and night,i start to get that extremely foggy brain again.

    ive also noticed that since im drinking one glass of purple grape juice,and started eating the raw ginger root,my body is full of electricity again.

    whatever i touch sends a electric shock back up my arm.

    when i stop the juices the electric shock thingy,goes away.

    when im electrically charged i feel clever in my brain.

    but feel like a idiot with the fibro fog,when not juicing and not electrically charged.

    it seems to be a catch 22 with me.

    i want to remain clever,but hate the electric shock thingy that happens to me.

    do you think fibro is down to being a migraine sufferer?and its all a brain issue?.

    i love anything science,and im trying to understand this electric shock episode that happens to me.

    i want to keep my marbles (dont want the fibro fog),but is it possible to come to terms with living with these high eltrical body episodes?

    my dog wont let me touch him,as the shocks from me hurt him.

    yesterday while i was getting served at the till,(checkout), in the supermarket, i got such a severe electric shock off the thing that has the conveyer belt on it, when i touched it.isnt that strange?

    when i was a young woman i was always electrically charged sadly.but very intelligent.

    then as i got older it went away.but juicing and eating sensitively has made me electrically charged again.

    what are your thoughts on this my friends?

    take care,love fran
  10. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    that was shocking!! ha ha!!
    no really, ive never heard of that.
    i dont even know what to suggest for a help for you and your poor doggie...
    i feel like its in our brains to a extent, or spinal cord..
    somewhere back up in there.
    i am getting much worse with the brain fog lately to where i am very concerned to go to dr
    about getting a mri or whatever.
    it is scary.
    sure hope you will be ok.
    maybe you have some kind of pinched nerve
    and the juices somehow lesson the inflamation...
    im grasping here....
  11. hi all,

    im also thinking its a brain and spine issue.

    i mentioned on here a while back,that since i came off amitriptyline tablets (been off them over 3 months now i think),well the hairs on my back are always making me aware of them moving all the time.

    i feel tiny drops of water on my body when washing myself,and it feels like a tidal wave ran over my skin.

    the only relief i get from this hair moving episode, is to lay down on my back,or put a cusion next to the small of my back,when sitting on the sofa and chair.

    the hairs that move are the ones near where my bra strap fastens.all in that area.

    sometimes on the arms and legs too.

    the lower spine plays a big part in our illness doesnt it.and the top of the spine during fibro and migraine its all a brain/spine issue.

    maybe my spine hairs are always on the go because of the amounts of electricity in my body.

    then again i once read...

    if a body senses danger from pestocides,the bodies hairs would stand on end getting ready to protect its skin from the invader.

    i feel like a cave woman right now lol.

    love fran
  12. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    No worries :) I know we're all really glad you're here and that you care about your daughter and niece as well as all of us which is so nice. You are a stand up guy!


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