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    I have read that some of us say that chemicals cause fibro, and some think we are bipolar. Is this mostly theary, or are they finding studies that are done on fibro, and these are conclusions?

    Just curious where everyone is getting this from. I would love to know, so we can get closer to a cure!

    I also wonder, and its just a wonder, if there are more and more showing up with it, or if there are just more people finally being diaognosed with it. Is fibro something that has been around as long as other illnesses?

    I guess I am like everyone else, just wishing we could find out what the cause is, and how we can get a cure!

    Julie[This Message was Edited on 03/09/2011]
  2. Mikie

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    Studies have shown that those with FMS and CFIDS/ME have abnormalities in their spinal fluid but this is about all we know. Research has left us with more questions than answers. Much more research needs to be done.

    People may confuse the triggering factor, such as an infection, trauma, stress, or toxins with being the "cause" of what ails them, but there is likely a bigger factor in play. It's a chicken-'n-egg situation. Are we genetically predisposed to our illnesses which are triggered by something else or do these factors change our systems to allow our illnesses to thrive? This appears to be the question to ask.

    In my experience, clearing up the triggering infection did not cure my CFIDS/ME and my FMS. If the infection were the "cause," clearing it up should have cured me. I believe we must clear up our infections but I do not think they cause our ilnesses.

    Sorry I don't have any answers but neither do the researchers. All we can do at this point is to treat the symptoms.

    Love, Mikie
  3. luigi21

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    chemicals (hormones) such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline can be abnormal in fibro as well as others which i cannot recall at this present moment. In a normal brain these are always increasing and decreasing depending on the need of the body, in fibro there seems to be a decrease. As these contribute to lessening of pain, mood swings, and feeling good they tend to treat fibro with anti depressants as well as anti epliectic drugs which contain GABA another chemical.
    No cure has been found yet, but specialist class it as a pain sentralisation problem, others that it is psychosomatic a mind body disorder.
    the lympic system is involved (also referred to as the emotional brain). This includes the hippocampus (the memory centre) hence poor short term memory. the hypothalumus which regulates the autonomic nervous system (fight and flight) which is considered to be permanently switched on in fibro, hence insomnia, pain, digestion disorder etc etc. the hypothalumus also regulates the pituiturary gland which regulates all other glands, hence poly cystic ovaries and other hormone related problems exist, thyroid dysfunction, etc etc.
    and the amydgala, which regulates mood, especially primitive mood, such as rage, sadness, etc. (which is why some specialist call on the psychosomatic diagnosis).
    theres a study with A Holmes a rheumatologist in america which would explain the link in bipolar, google him.

    so bascially its what came first the chicken or the egg? did the dysfunction of the brain cause fibro symptoms, again the dysfunction hasn't found a cause either hence why its still called a syndrome. Or did emotional factors trigger a genetic illness? i have two rheumatologist who stand in both camps. Also a hepatitis related illness is being considered, but again not proven since a lowering of immunity comes with the illness too bcause of the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. hence just because you have a postive test result doesn't mean that the illness was the cause of the condition, only that you have the antibodies against it. and some have those antibodies and do not have fibro.
    in conclusion with this illness it is always best to lessen stress considering our bodies are dysfunctioning anyway, and i do believe mood affects our symptoms. So with regards to the dysfunction of the lympic system their is a correlation if not the cause.

    best wishes
  4. Mikie

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    Almost all of our systems seem to be involved in our illnesses. I also think once we get one of these immune, or autoimmune, illnesses, we are sitting ducks to get other similar illnesses.

    I have FMS and CFIDS and recently, I have Sjogren's-like symptoms but my ANA was neg. and my sed rate falls within normal levels. With this, my lymph nodes swelled horribly and were horribly painful. My salivary glands did the same. I ended up applying hot packs and doing massage to get things running again. My breasts became so painful that I could not wear a bra and even fabric touching them was agony. The heat and massage worked and things are better but I still don't know whether this is the beginning of Sjogren's or something else.

    I had to quit work in July; I was working part time. It took years and years to heal to the point I could work at all. Now, the fatigue is back as bad as ever. So, here I am starting over. Oy!

    Love, Mikie

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