Fibro/CFIDS Seminars Coming to Boston, Stamford, Philadelphia

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    ICAF Seminar Series Coming Soon - Spotlighting the Latest Treatments and Therapies for Fibromyalgia & Fatigue

    The International Coalition for the Advancement of Fibromyalgia/CFIDS Treatment (ICAF) will be hosting a series of one-day seminars featuring key industry speakers.

    The one-day seminar will kick off on August 16th in Boston, at the Tremont Courtyard Hotel where conference attendees will hear Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of Pain Free 1-2-3: A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now and From Fatigued to Fantastic!, lecture on the new treatments and therapies available to current suffers. Additional speakers include Dr. Robban Sica, Dr. Hal Blatman and Dr. Andre Garabedian.

    The next city to host the one-day seminar is Stamford, CT on August 18th, at the Stamford Marriott, and lastly on August 19th, at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia.

    These seminars will provide an opportunity for FFC patients to hear renowned speaker and author, Dr. Teitelbaum, and visit with key industry experts to learn about the latest products and services available.

    For more information on the ICAF Seminar Series 2006 or to pre-register, visit or

    Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the latest therapies and innovative treatment available to you!

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    hopefully by aug.3 ill be dxed, giving me plenty of time to get to the 19th one in phili

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