fibro/cfs after epidural

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    I was speaking with someone who told me she was healthy until she gave birth. She claims she got cfs/fibro from the epidural that she received for the childbirth. I have never heard someone make that claim before and just wondering if anyone else thought they had a similar onset. Thanks.
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    I believe it was one of the things that triggered my CFS. I had a mercury detox a few months after giving birth and then a few months after that I had the flu. It was right after the flu that I got CFS. I don't know about the epidural. I had one and also pain drugs. I've always wondered if all those drugs in my system played a part. But at least pregnancy is a a trigger.

    Dr. Teitelbaum lists the following reasons:

    a -- After delivery, blood flow to the pituitary gland (the gland in the brain which, under the hypothalamus' direction controls your hormone function) is dramatically decreased. In some cases, this is so severe that it can cause destruction of the pituitary (called Sheehan's necrosis). Cases that are not severe enough to destroy the pituitary tend to be ignored medically. I suspect, however, that pituitary may be stunned long enough after pregnancy to trigger CFS/FMS.

    b -- During pregnancy, levels of many hormones are elevated. These include estrogen, relaxin and CRH. Sudden drops in these hormones may trigger the syndrome.

    c-- Sleep deprivation is common for 6 to 12 months after pregnancy and is probably a major contributing factor.

    d -- Your blood volume drops markedly after pregnancy. During pregnancy it is often about 30 percent higher than normal.