Fibro - CFS - HUH????!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by missymiss, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. missymiss

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    hello... I'm so confused!! I have Post viral fatigue syndrome, which I've been told is basically another term for M.E. However, I've heard it is also part of fibro?? is this true?!
  2. greyhoundlady

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    for me. I never heard of Post viral Fatigue. Post Polio syndrome yes, but not the one you mentioned...
  3. T-BO

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    We spoke before in the chat room (server kicked us off). I am glad to have found you on the message board!!
    Anyway, I am as confused as you. I have also been diagnosed with post-viral fatigue by most docs. A few docs have also said chronic fatigue.
    As I said before, I have only 2 symptoms, (constant fatigue/ brain fog)and techniclly can not be classified as having the "syndrome", at least from my vantage point.

    Regarding your question about fibro, correct me if i'm wrong, you must have joint pain and/or muscle pain without any redness or swelling. That's usually a good indicator of fibro.

    From what I recall when we were chatting, the symptoms you described to me were more CFS/ PVFS/ (M.E. in U.K.), as opposed to fibro.
    Hopfully this answers your question to a certain extent.

    In addition, I also hope I can talk to you in the near future. We are pretty close to the same age and need to stick together. There a far less "yougsters" with this DD as opposed to older adults, although CFS can strike anyone.

    Check out my bio for more info about me and please keep us informed on how you are doing. I hope to come into contact with you soon.

    Keep your head up MISSY!!

    Peace out and God bless!!

    Your pal,