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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nikki, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Nikki

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    How many of y'all have had chest pain from FM that resembled a heart attack?

    I made my first (and hopefully last) trip to the hospital because of chest pain that cardiologist said was FM related and not a heart attack (that's good news). My husband insisted he was either calling 911 or driving me to the ER Sat night around 6pm. (I was experiencing chest pain, back pain, and numbness in my left arm . . . classic symptoms). Blood work and EKG were negative; however, cardiologist decided to keep me overnight for more conclusive testing (more blood work, EKG, CT Scan, and Treadmill Stress test). Fortunately everything came back normal. I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't been admitted to a hospital in over 25 yrs, and I've never been in the ER (except as a caregiver). I discovered I am a very impatient patient.
    I'm much better as a caregiver. Not that I particularly relish either role. Everyone's been telling me to slow down a little . . . God works in mysterious ways . . . this kinda grabbed my attention.

  2. Bellesmom

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    I've experienced a lot of those same symptoms but can't afford to go to ER and I've lived thru it so I am sure it's part of the dd.

    Anyway, I would not wish this on anyone and I'm sure you feel the same.

    Thank God it wasn't anything like a heart attack but it's just reassuring to hear others describe what I go thru now and then.

    All my best to you...

    P.S. Are you the same Nikki I was trying to find the other day? Did you post about stress and caring for lots of people, etc., and then delete that post? I was hoping to find out how you were doing.
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  3. Nikki

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    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Not that I'm happy anyone has the same problem; however, it is comforting to know one is not alone. There are so many folks that are simply clueless when it comes to this DD.

    I think I'm probably the same Nikki. I meant to post my message on the History Poll that was being taken, so I deleted it and reposted under Page 2 of the History Poll. I'm available if you have any questions. It appears we're about the same age. I was just recently dx'd but have been having symptoms for over a year.
  4. epicurean

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    I had almost the same symptoms before I even knew I had FM,(we're about the same age).Was sure I had heart desease!!What I was having was a bad case of costocondritis and myofacial pain ( I still have them,but nothing like I used too,and my Dr. does treat them).Just type the names in the search message and you will find all kinds of info.
    Good-luck-I'm just happy I know what it is-I was sure I was on my way out!!!LOL
  5. jka

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    i know i've had chest pain so bad that all i could do was lay on the couch and take really short sallow breathes.the heating pad helped alittle.the pain does get pretty intense.when i've done a lot of anything using my arms or hands,it acts up on me.
    kathy c
  6. kar1953

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    What you experienced sounds EXACTLY like what I went through in mid Nov. of this past year. Only I was driving a school bus load of students home one afternoon when the pain got so bad. Got home, hubby took me to ER - had everything done that you did, kept overnight, same as you. After that I was sent from doc to doc till I finally found my current doc (who BTW has FM himself) & he diagnosed me with FM.

    This kind of experience really does grab your attention & I decided I needed to get to the bottom of it & now that I have I'm not happy with the results, but it's better than thinking I'm going crazy!! Good luck to you.

    Good health.......Kathi
  7. Nikki

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    I guess the chest pain is quite normal for Fibromites (normal for the adnormal).........oh, well......another day, another struggle.......God Bless All of US.

  8. Susan07

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    Just went to ER 3 weeks ago - same tests, all normal.

    Also was sent to cardiologist last year - more tests, all normal.

    Thankful my heart is okay, but it is so frustrating. You don't dare not check though cause you really could be having a heart attack.

    Best wishes