Fibro/Chronic fatigue Sufferers in Southern California?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mo22, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Mo22

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    Has any one been to see a Dr. Kent Holtorf in Torrance CA
    for fibro/Chronic fatique at his clinic, the hormone and longevity medical center? What did you think of his treatments and results please?
  2. CPRN911

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    Hi Mo22...just recently Dx'd with this in So doc is about useless...except for saying...I've never seen a titer so HIGH...only thing that will help you is B12...yeh I'm LOOKING for someone who's progressive along with'd you hear about the doc you mentioned?
  3. Mo22

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    I found Dr. Holt's name on this board. He had posted an article on February 19th this year with his treatments for fibro and cfids. He is a well respected thyroid doc. from what my friend who lives in CA has told me. I have a health care backround and his article and theories made sense as a way of greatly improving the quality of life for us fibro folks. I am thinking of making the trip out to CA to see him but would like to talk with some one who has seen him.
    If I lived closer I def. would look into seing this MD.
  4. Msagn

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    Hello Mo you have the name of one of my dear friends here in arizona maureen but mo for short.
    do a search on Microdose or microsode therapy , This program has done wonders for me, it doesn't work for everyone osme of the others in the group that started with me dropped out. but they weren't willing to follow the diet routine to make sure "food" alergies aren't causing the problem. If you call their number I'm sure that have doctors in your area.

    have a good day,
  5. Mo22

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    Thank you for your info on microdose or microsode therapy.
    I will let you know how it works out. This might save me the trip to CA. Say hello to your friend Maureen from another Maureen.