Fibro/degenerated neck disks and chiropractic

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Junie, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Junie

    Junie New Member

    Have had Fibro for abt. 3yrs. Recently I started Yoga under an instructor. For some time bf this, I had been noticing problems with my neck so decided when the Yoga seemed to cause some pain/aching, that I should see a Chiro.
    This past Fri. I had an appt. and an instrument called a Activator was used. This is supposed to be a more gentle way of treatment but now, I am hurting all over---nerves stinging and aching in various areas. I'd had this same type of treatment as late as a year ago ( new doc ). It did not hurt at the time.
    This is not manipulation as used in the older type of Chiropractic treatment but the instrument gives a jolt and can be set to lesser or stronger pressures.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had a flair/pain start up after a Chiropractic treatment? Things had been going pretty well bf this except for the Neck.
  2. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I went to a chiropractor for 4 sessions around two years ago, he didnt use an instrument.

    I felt it was a waste of money as it didnt help me at all and I did hurt a lot after the sessions.

    I know it works for some but not for me.

  3. ChattyCathy

    ChattyCathy New Member

    Sounds like you had what is called "Specific Chiropractic Adjustment" - when it first came out it was given manually. I know of more ladies from my support group that have suffered because of it. Chiropractic care isn't for everyone! Hope you feel better
  4. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi oh yes i went to a chiro about 13 weeks he adj. my neck about 3 to 4 times that was in jan. 05 and now its so messed up it hurts so bad and has( alot of cracking noises none stop!) and i have a very hard time sleeping at night due to pain!! i also have numbness/tingling dead arms and fingers. please be careful is all i can say! hope you feel better! LOL! BLKKAT p.s i also now have 3 bulging disks had an MRI cant prove it was from chiro care but did'nt crack or have all the tingling ect. before . i dont want this to scare you, just wanted to help! please forgive me if i did.
  5. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    I have been seeing a chiro for about a year now - one of the best things I have done for myself. She usually uses her hands first, then on the worst spots she uses the adjuster. Sometimes it does hurt the next day, but helps after that. She also uses an electric stimulator at the end of each session on the worst spots.

    When she uses the adjuster, she uses it on the "Kid" or lowest setting. Anything higher and I'm screaming OUCH
  6. JPach007

    JPach007 New Member

    Hi PJ,
    I have to say my Chiro helps me. He adjusts me manually, but before that he puts the stimulators on me with warm moist heating pads...then he massages as much as I can tolerate with biofreeze gel. The massage hurts, but I've found that my muscles are more loose when hes done. They only stay like that for a day, and most of the time the next day my muscles feel better, but I feel weak. This for that I guess. I try to see him 2 times a week. Each time, he says I am so tight he would think he hadnt seen me in a year. He also says that he has several patients with Fibro, and that the only thing they have in common is where they hurt.

    Good luck,
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I finally had to see a chiro. Sometimes the treatments helped, sometimes I would have terrible pain for hours afterwards, but after ll times I was beginning to see that my FM was flaring bad from the adjustments.

    He used a little "gun" thing to adjust...probably an activator. I found out I have severe arthritis in neck and shoulders, and moderate in low back from xrays he took. He was honest with me upfront....saying he didn't know if he could help the FM but he did readjust things out of place in my back.

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