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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelajj, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. angelajj

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    Does anyone have any experience with dietary changes for fibro? I have read so many comflicting suggestions, it's enough to make your head spin. I am also lucky enough to be experiencing ibs and wonder if anyone has benefited from dietary changes for that.
    Thanks much,
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    it helped some. It was just so expensive and wore me out (have CFS/ME and FM) trying to do the diet. My FM doc suggested it. There were so many restrictions that I couldn't do it. No leftovers, no food older than 2 days, all fresh food ie vegetables and fruits, all organic food, different seeds, grains, helped the pain a little but maybe if I could have kept it up it would have made a huge difference. I will post more about the diet if you want. Just let me know.

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    Hi Angelajj:
    As individual as CFS and FM is, so are adjustments to our diets. We do not know exactly what triggers flare ups in each of us so it can be difficult to make a single statement saying dont eat this or dont eat that.
    I have found the following helps me and I'll explain why for each:
    Kefir-kefir is a drink, like concentrated yogurt you can find in most large global supermarkets. It balances the intestinal track, cleans your bowels and works to balance any yeast problems. A good quality yogurt (Brown Cow, Liberte) can be substituted if eaten daily.
    Coffee-I had to cut it out completely. It makes me cycle into depression. I do not think it is the caffeine because I can drink black tea all day and occasional chocolate.
    Fiber-more raw veges (salad!) and oats. I found that keeping my bowels as clean as possible helps with being less bloated, feeling less depressed and being able to sleep better. The bowels retain alot of feces that are never eliminated which most people do not realize. This leads to many diseases and a feeling overall of irritability and fatigue. Different foods leave the body at different speeds also. Red meat travels much slower thru the intestines than does a salad, fish, yogurt etc. A fast exit is the best and healthiest exit:)
    Sugar-everyone has opinions, its not great stuff, but its in everything, as is salt. Limiting as much extra white sugar as possible is just good health sense, but having a treat or dessert will not kill you unless you suffer from specific glycemic disorders.
    Multi-vitamin-My mom was a strict believer in vitamins, no smoking and no liquor. She died of breast/lung cancer after a life of obsessing and taking vitamin supplements. I do know that I feel mentally more alert with a quality natural (not pharmacy) multi vitamin.
    Smoking-I want to quit, have done so, have started up again.
    If you smoke, try to quit as it dehydrates the body, aggravates depression even tho you temporarily 'feel better' from the nicotine hit and we all know the cancer/heart effects.
    Try small changes, but be consistent. Nothing works if you only do it for a week. Good luck!

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