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    Found other posts here, but nothing since '07. I am a newbie here - a friend from another board, knowing my situation, searched and found a thread here that was perfect: yet so very old :(

    Was diagnosed 15 yrs ago. At same time I have severe colitis - hospitalized every now and then for the pain/and fluid loss.

    Here is a list of what I have tried so far:

    toradol-no result

    tramadol no result except to set off colitis

    ultram no result

    lyrica no result except sleep better, side effects were intolerable: fuzzy vision and constant nausea

    neurontin no results except again the nausea

    naproxin very minor relief

    celebrex set off the colitis quite badly. No result

    Feidene-small amount of relief again. Not enough to get her out of bed
    (This list was written by my doctor, referring me to a rheumy.)

    After going to umpteen docs 15 years ago, I simply gave up: had done research, realized that 'getting better' wasn't going to happen. I had found meds that actually worked, but couldn't get them and couldn't understand why.

    Live your entire life in bed? I don't think so - so I decided to end it. Before taking such a step, I decided to consult a psychiatrist I had seen after my divorce.

    He got all the records from all the docs I'd seen, and put me on meds himself. It worked - not perfectly, but I had some life back. Walked, etc.

    Then a year ago the fibro worsened, badly, for no reason. My current doc wanted to up my meds but is unable to write such a script (again, don't get why.) He wanted to send me to other docs - again. After that first nightmare 15 years ago - "It's all in your head," "You're just a druggie," "Nothing wrong with you that exercise and asperin won't cure..." I just couldn't see doing this again.

    So I started taking handfuls of Tylenol with my pain meds. You can imagine the upshot: last August, ER with Tylenol poisoning. Non stop projectile vomiting, oh it was fun.

    Since then, of course no more Tylenol - liver can't take it. Leaves me with - a small dose, tiny with a Tylenol-like drug (fibrofog - can't remember the name.) at any rate since August, I've been bed-bound, once again. Lucky to make it to bathroom.

    Went to see a rheumy Friday - she couldn't help, and sent me to another Fibro doc. GOD he was rude :( The original rheumy wants to sent me to a pain clinic. Have done asking around - the one she suggests does not give the meds I require for my pain.

    Mind you, no one has explained to my satisfaction why these drugs can't be prescribed. Addiction? So? Better than bed-bound, is it not? I don't buy that explanation - I know many fibro patients who are on long term pain management. Just not me :(

    I am willing to take any new fibro drugs, if IF my colitis tolerates such. Willing to attempt massage, though sometimes it hurts so badly I just cry. Even willing to try accupuncture - lord I hate drugs in any form, and as it is, I =have= to take a few: to sleep, muscle relaxants, anti- depressants (new one called Vibryyd just for fibro: works very well indeed.) And panic drugs for my (incessant) panic attacks.

    Over last 15 years, I've gone mulish and refused ALL meds (including the pain killers.) Went for nearly a year on no meds at all! Spent that year mostly in bed. Went out to get food, period. At the end of those 12 months, I called the doc and told him "Back to meds we go. Tried it the other way."

    I'll add one last personal detail: it's almost been a year now that I've lived in bed, with others taking care of me. I refuse to go on like this, and have informed my psychiatrist of my decision. He insists I see other docs: at first I refused. I feel awful enough without the added shame of what they'd say. I gave in to his request: but not for long. NOT for long.

    If you're in Nashville and don't require the same meds I do, go see a Dr. Boomershine. He is top-notch (in Franklin) but can take months to get in and see. His treatment sounded the very best: from your food intake, to meds (14 new ones, he told me) and massage, on and on. (He had no answer for the question I had: if your new meds don't work, then what?) So he's not the right doc for me.

    I'm having a bad flare this AM - running out of energy rapidly, or I'd go on a rant about drugs in general and why can't we get what we obviously require to live somewhat more of a 'normal' life?

    As is, if any of you (please GOD) are in Nashville and have a great doc, would you kindly share? I've been to Byrd (think that's how it was spelled) and now Boomershine.

    Who works best for you?

    Thank you so very much for reading all this.

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    Hello there, your story certainly sounds familiar. I go to:

    Dr. James E Gore
    Vanderbilt Rheumatology (615) 764-4450
    2001 Mallory Lane Suite 100
    Franklin, TN 37067

    Rheumatology - Board Certified
    Internal Medicine - Board Certified

    He is a very good doctor, takes his time, listens to you, and pays attention to your body. Hope this helps, would love to hear about your visit. Good luck.

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