Fibro Doctors in NJ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joanng, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. joanng

    joanng New Member

    I have an appt tomorrow with a doctor I got from the list on this site, however, I was wondering if anyone has used any of them, knows of another who has fibro experience, etc. I'm located right next to Manhattan. Exit 14A on the turnpike and right next to Staten Island. I'm willing to venture to NY if I have to. Hopefully, all will go well tomorrow with the new doctor but just in case it doesn't, I want to be prepared. He's an allergist (?), but also worked with the state on pain management.....I'm trying to be optomistic. Thanks.
  2. downtowngal

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    Bruce Solitar, MD is terrific - private practice and NYU faculty- kind, compassionate, patient, listens and he knows how to fill out FORMS (including SSD) to get results! Altho it took 3 years because SSD kept "losing" my file and had to re-apply 3 times, I wasn't denied and won without having to go thru the hearing process.

    His tel # is 212-889-7217
    It is worth paying out-of-pocket for his fees if your insurance doesn't cover it. Most lab work is done in the office and they direct bill most insurance companies.

    He also works with Dr. St. Amand's patients in NY area

    I've worked in healthcare for many years and was "treated" by Chiefs of Rheumatology who didn't understand about fibro (only the RA and osteo problems) until I was referred to Dr. Solitar by the Brain Injury Society. He was amazing as a physician and kind person after September 11th. He is very patient and works with you on treatment, alternatives and getting services/therapy you need.
  3. cph13

    cph13 Member

    ME TOO!
    Yes, I live in this fine little town. Hmmmmmm, doctors. I've gone to some in NY. Little success. I'm going to a new Dr. in Clark, NJ on Monday.
    Podell was out of my league financially, I called. The dr. in Clark will take medicare and private. (I'm on SSD. Don't get excited it took me from 1991 to 1997 to get approved.)
    Let's keep in touch Joanng. Maybe we could start our own Fibro group.
    Just don't know how to contact someone without either of us giving up too much here.
    Maybe we can meet in the chat room. Never thought I would find someone with this problem in the born and raised in town that we live.
    Have a bloomin' good day
  4. joanng

    joanng New Member

    Thanks for all the info. I contacted Dr. Podell and right now he's a bit too expensive for me. He does sound perfect though. Maybe someday I'll treat myself! I called the doctor in Clark and they put me on hold and then said they were "understaffed" that day and would call me back. They never did so I took that as a sign that I should move on. I'll let you know about the River Edge doctor. I'm going tomorrow morning. You would be surprised how many people I've come across right here in 14A that suffer from fibro. Some are really sick and can hardly leave the house..that's what scares me. Believe it or not there is a theory about the pollution and this illness... We share war stories regularly and we support eachother. I haven't gotten over to Chat yet, but when I do, we figure out a way to contact eachother. We can compare doctor visits! Actually one friend is getting me this natural stuff (why not, I've tried everything else) from Poland....I'll add it to my list of supplements.
  5. cph13

    cph13 Member

    I sure hope you see this post. Seems we don't have that many in NJ thus the reason for the BUMP.
    I could get back to you. Went to an eye specialist in NY yesterday. OOOOPPPPPS! brain scan is scheduled. Does it ever stop.
    How did U make out with the DR.

    Are U going to the convention in Eastontown. Levine the Dr. scheduled to speak is in NY on 72nd St. I would love to hook up with her.

    If U R going maybe we could hook up in Bayonne and go together. Driving that far alone is a pain. Hope U see this.
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  6. cph13

    cph13 Member

    to the new dr. that U posted about?

    Monday I go to Ashendorf in Clark that is if I don't cancel. Monday nite want to go to the Halloween parade in NY with family. Much too much for 1 day and fun comes first I have so little of it.

    Will U be going to the NJ conference in Eatontown?
    Thanks for the update on all your doctors

    I got real confused I guess joanng and joanregalski are one in the same am I correct?
    My best
    PS I would love to go to the conference but hate to schlep alone. I would be happy to be the driver if U can get away that day. Don't worry I'm not a stalker, just a fibro person needing assistance at times ;-) as we all do.
    I will also do an open post on the boards to see if we can wiggle any other New Jerseyites for assistance with doctors and the conference.

  7. FM58

    FM58 New Member


    I see Dr Davis also. He's such a sweetheart.

    I did look into Dr. Junger at one point, however- at the time he did not accept any insurance? Is that still correct? Money is waaaaay too tight in my house to even consider going out of network. We can barely even afford my co-pays as it is. I'm not working & not receiving SSD yet(waiting for a hearing date).

    Just wondering, what kind of things is Dr. Junger doing for you?
    For Joann looking for a doc - in addition to the other posters mentioned docs in NJ, these are very well renowned Fibro & CFIDS docs in NYC.

    Dr. Derek Enlander
    860 5th Ave (67th St)
    New York, NY 10021

    Dr. Susan Levine is also in Manhatten

    Best of luck - let us know how your appt goes.

    Gentle Hugs,
  8. FM58

    FM58 New Member

    Hey Jersey Girl!!

    Wish I could help you out with a ride - but unfortunately I can not go to the conference - bummer!! I have to go to a friends 25 Anniversary Party.

    But I have an idea for you - go to - then go to the Bergen County newsletter. You can find a phone# or web addy - of the Group Leaders. I was at a meeting in October and one of the leaders was offering to give people who needed a ride to the Conference.

    Wish I could meet you there! So have lots of fun for me.

    No Where near the Turnpike!!
  9. cph13

    cph13 Member

    I so appreciate to posts. I will check out wht U said Patti

    I don't necessarily need a ride. I drive, just need a companion, I guess.

    Enjoy the party.

    I hope to go and I will post all that I learn. I know dr. levine is in NY. My hope is to bee her there and be so impressed to make an appt. I don't do doctor's well at all.

    They kind of think I have an attitude of being well versed. Well when U've had a condition for the better part of your life u tend to get kind of opintionated and vocal, as I am.

    Blessed W/E to all
    Have a bloomin' good day
  10. Muddieanne

    Muddieanne New Member

    There are many of us from the the Garbage State--okay,only joking. People from other states think we are all cast members from the Sopranos.

    There have been other posts from me and other residents to keep us in touch.

    I've been to Dr.Davis in Morristown,he is a sweet man,but not helpful enough for me to make the drive.

    The dr. in Clark I went to many times. I'm not saying his name because my opinion he is a wacko.Sorry, if has helped people then good for them.

    Again, my opinion, I'm staying with my internist because he listens,understands and will try different meds for me. However,I'm considering acupuncture and will go for a consultation.

    To the Bayonne ladies, I'm exit 13a but wouldn't drive on the turnpike unless I had a death wish. I'm not only afraid I don't have the driving skills to handle turnpike or parkway and I've always lived here. Also, the pain in my neck is worse when I drive.

    I wish I could go to Eatontown but can't.

    Let's keep in touch. Marie
  11. joanng

    joanng New Member

    Sorry, I missed the whole thing about the conference. When was/is it? I guess there are 2 Joann's here now. I'm new to this site and I'm just plain old joanng. Thanks for all the input about the dr's. Now I'm nervous about the Clark doctor. The doctor in River Edge cost me $500....I guess the mortgage will be late (again!). Anyway, that was my fault I knew he was out of my network but I didn't expect it to be that much. He tested me for a bunch of alleriges (mold, trees, etc.)and everything came back fine (surprise!). He wants me back on Friday (another $390) and will test me for food allergies. He put my on my Ultracet (2 a day, yeah, right) and a blue pill (flurobrophen(sp?) which causes extreme stomach pain. So I'm in more pain if I take this crap. His office hours are crappy too so I'll either be getting to work late and having to leave early to see him. I told him about the meds I was taking and he insisted I get off of them quickly. Okay, but what about the pain. He's leaning towards holistic which I'm ok with but....slowly. I have an appt with the Clark dr next Monday and he's in my network so he will be a lot cheaper but if he isn't going to address pain either, should I bother? He office hours are a little more accomodating too. Should I stick with my lousy neurologist who really has no clue except so far she'll give me a decent about of paid meds but won't "let me" do physical therapy, massage therapy, etc. I'll look into the new dr's some of you have posted. I'll be back!
  12. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    Hi all, I'm in Matawan (exit 120)a nurse friend of mine in answer to my question as to why we don't have Integrated Dr's in NJ, and she said it's because the AMA is very strong in NJ, so we live in a desert as far as Integrated medicine is concerned.

    Anyway, please bump this thread with your experiences with your doctors. I am looking for a good one who takes Medicare too.

    Who is the dr. in Clark? Please don';t be afriad to post your experiences, we need to find doctors that truly help us. Podell is way too expensive. (why doesn't he take insurance!!!??)
  13. Muddieanne

    Muddieanne New Member

    If the ? about the dr. in Clark is directed to me here goes: he is Dr. Ashendorf. If I'm out of line or going to be sued for defamation of character, moderators let me know.[by the way I don't have any property or $ and have a 13yr. old car---so sue away]

    He has an odd personality, talked about being divorced&wanting to meet women. Another time talked about a GF and how he had an IV set up in bedroom for her because she has fibro. One time left me sitting in exam room while he went to the bank. I thought nurse had said he went to bathroom.

    Medically, he gave me trigger point injections that hurt like hell&was annoyed that I didn't get pain relief from them. I went home feeling worse.

    He tried to show me how to give myself B-12 and Kutapressin inj. Again annoyed because I couldn't understand and was afraid to do it. I did get someone to do it for me and had them for a few months without any improvement.

    He wanted me to go to Calif,to a dr. he knew who would try several methods in a few days time. I told that I didn't have $$$ or know anyone in Ca. that I could stay with.

    Another visit he wanted to try a treatment that required my contacting my ins,to ask about payment for,which I didn't do . It was having him insert or inject cocaine in my nose.

    I refused to consider it because it sounded crazy to me. Finally he threw me out of his office[not physically] because my ins. wasn't paying him enough and I wouldn't and couldn't pay him the difference.

    At one point he suggested Dr. Podell. When i called office [this is about 12 yrs ago] they told me to bring a check for $250 because they didn't take ins.I never went. I guess they don't take ins. because ins. won't cover whatever treatments he requires.

    Everything I said is true . I may be a lot of things but a liar I'm not.

    Anyway, that was my experience. Maybe others have been helped.

  14. joanng

    joanng New Member

    What is going on???? I was going to go to the dr in Clark next did he treat your pain? The person I spoke to about him said he was peculiar, not in a bad way, just something about him. She said he was big on PT which is ok but I would rather do it closer to home. My first doctor (in Bayonne) talked to me about his ex-wife, his son and then onto his girlfried who he would talk to on the phone when he was in with me! Giggling, arguing, and he would curse up a storm about either the patient who just left or the others in the waiting room so I guess he talked about me too. SO unprofessional but he was very lenient with the pain meds. I eventually stopped going to him because whenever I had a flare up, he was never available to see me....I called his office today to get my records and they said it would take 30 days! I'm going to nag them until I get my paperwork. I called Dr. Davis' office today but I was put on hold and that was that. I'll try again. Cocaine up the nose??? My ex-husband used to do that but he didn't have fibro, who knew...
  15. cph13

    cph13 Member

    I cancelled him on Monday to go met family in NY for the parade but I'm suppose to go next Monday. I I nuts; hanging out the window?

    The office staff is horrible. I hung up on them on Friday waiting forever. Too bad they are short staffed; I'm short tempered when I'm paying for an LD call. They called this Monday saying I hung up. AND SO IT GOES. They had the nerve to put me on hold again.

    After reading this stuff I think I may cancel again. Go to the conference and try and get the take on Dr. Levine in NY. She will be speaking. Than decide who I should try now. I'm really sick of all the doctors buttttttttt winter is coming and I better be prepared.

    I love my Jersey City Dr. he once was in Bayonne. He doesn't have much knowledge of Fibro but his sweet personality and hang in there attitiude is a great RX. He also trusts me with the meds I need knowing I will not abuse them.

    ANYONE LOOKING TO ATTEND, I WILL BE HAPPY TO PICK U UP AND BRING U HOME car holds 3. That is if i can get in NOW! I will post any updates here.

    Have a good nite everyone and yes, there must be two joanng's
    signing off only 1 of me THANK GOD

  16. joanng

    joanng New Member

    Hi, you say you use a JC doctor who was once in Bayonne. I'm wondering if it's the guy I was using.....would you feel uncomfortable giving his name? Are his initials JC? and he worked out of Bayonne Hospital and a hospital in Jersey City before he opened an office. It you answer yes to those hints, then I know who it is. I was considering going back to him only because he's a little more understanding with the meds (I can't get in touch with my neurologist and I don't have an appt until next week). I'm having a bad week (HORRIBLE monthly issues, does anyone else suffer with really dificult periods?) and I'm eating motrin like it's candy just so I can get out of bed and attempt to make something of the day. I already missed 2 days of work this week which can't continue.....thanks.
  17. cph13

    cph13 Member

    Not his name is John Neibert on Huron. Worked with dr. D in bayonne. I started with Dr. D and left him when hubby was sick. Never came to visit, sent Dr. John N who I just love. Not very familiar with fibro but will help anyway he can.

    Sorry U R under the weather. Those problems are behind me Thank GOD

    Sorry this took so long but I'm now dealing with old workman's comp. from my husband Trial TODAY

    Pray for my success.
  18. joanng

    joanng New Member

    but I actually had to have my husband come to the doctors with me today. I'm 47, educated, pretty successful in my career, but I needed to have a MAN talk for me to get the necessary attention!!! I could scream. I guess it's my approach. I tell them I hurt, I tell them how much and they blow me off. I ask for an earlier appointment, they say no, he gets on the phone too, and BAM! I have an appointment in 1 hour.....he gets all my medication adjusted and renewed and she's all smiles, he's all smiles and I feel like a failure. After some discussion she says maybe I should see a pain specialist (which I already had scheduled but then felt guilty about because I felt like I was shopping)..AND then come back to her and let her know what the Pain guy said to do....I'm so confused. I'm with her almost 2 years and I don't want to "shop" around but I'm losing my patience but she's not giving me any guidance. I'm going to the Clark doctor next week....let's see what happens there. Based on what I heard here (and from another friend) I'm not too hopeful but at least she knows I'm going and it's with her blessing and maybe she'll learn something!
  19. cph13

    cph13 Member

    Sorry I feel off the face ofthe earth but I had some pressing matters.

    JOANNG........stop that. I hear U beating yourself up. Some doctors just only listen when your partner jumps in after all, they live with us and the problem.

    I too had that problem than my dear hubby said, "Dr. D. is she going to end up in a wheel chair?" He actually laughed........OMG I've been to fibro meetings and saw with my own eyes what this disease can do. Also, remembering everything and making it come out in a non hypochodriac way is tough, the list is so long. Be thankful U have someone to jump in and move on. Don't dwell on it. I would seriously think of not using that dr. accept for the sniffles. U got what U needed and that's that.

    BTW, I, after that comment only went to that dr. when I had the sniffles. He was not at all atuned to the problem I realized. DH continued to go. When the poor man got reallllllll sick he never once came to the hospital to see him that BIG Bayonne dr. ARGGGG I better stop. Anyway that is how I met his partner who visited DH sometimes twice a day; respected my suggestions and called in the troops for a biopsy. Shortly after DH passed away he too has since left that practice and now has his own private practice in JCity. I love the man.

    I don't have my DH anymore but that's OK. When I go to a new dr. I take a list and make notes.

    One more thing. The staff is usually at fault for not being able to get the attention u need when U need it.
    Please LMK how U made out with the Dr. in Clark.

    I went to the conference and will see Dr. Levine if she can take me on a Tuesday when Transcend goes into NY.

    Sending ((((())))))
    Have a bloomin' good day
  20. cph13

    cph13 Member

    I went to the conference and liked Dr. Levine. 40 minutes for an appt. will never work. I use Transcend and have to be ready to go home by 12:30 or did I misunderstand and the vit. drip is 40 minutes?

    I do have a question does she do an entire workup; should I bring all my old tests? And finally does she do trigger point?

    Well, that a few questions not one. Sorry.

    My energy level and desire is so low...did U have this same problem, if so how did she address that? Any input you can give I would appreciate.

    QUESTION will she accept medicare and CIGNA. I am so broke I have to get any new dr's in this year cause I will find it difficult to pay the 100.00 out of pocket with medicare.

    Anyone instersted here in getting together a Hudson Co. fibro Cfs group I would sure work on that. It seems all we need is a moderator. A place to hold the meetings convenient to those that can't drive but it seems we are all pretty close. LMK what U all think. I truly believe support and a good ear helps sometimes more than anything. One on one is the best way to try and accomplish that

    Don't feel uncomfortable if that doesn't work for you just respond.
    Have a bloomin' good day

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