Fibro Fatigue Clinic gave me my life back

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rvpeople, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. rvpeople

    rvpeople New Member

    A sufferer of CFIDs for 8 years, I visited the FFC clinic in Vegas for the first time in March of 07. At that time I was at a 2 on a scale of 1-10, suffering most of the common symptoms of CFIDS. Getting out of bed and showering at that time was a major challenge, etc. Within 3 months of my first visit I was up to a 5, feeling so much better.

    Now, 15 months later I am at a 9.5!!!

    In the last 15 months I followed the treatment protocol 100%, took my meds and followed the diet faithfully, worked hand-in-hand with my doctor (she knows the symptoms and knows what works), learned how to say "no", got off my adrenaline "high", found rest through music and prayer, gave up my need to have the "perfect" life, and learned to listen to my body's needs.

    Is life with these illnesses easy? No. Was the treatment expensive? Not as much as I was spending on other doctors and tests that gave me no relief or answers. (I didn't have Dr co-pay, but the lab work was paid by insurance, after my deductible.) WAS THIS ALL WORTH IT? ABSOLUTELY!

    PLEASE, don't miss the opportunity to be "well" again, living a joyous, purposeful life. The Fibro & Fatigue clinic doctors know these illnesses and how to treat them. If you don't get results from one doctor, ask for another doctor or go to another FFC clinic in another town. But don't give up!


    BILLCAMO New Member

    Many people have just spent a lot of money with them with little or no help.

    Just do a search for the FFC , etc...............

    Blessings ,

  3. consuegra

    consuegra New Member

    Hi RV,

    Please tell us more. Tell us what was diagnosed and what the solutions were. Tell us what worked.


  4. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    My sole question is...are you able to WORK?...FULLTIME?

    So many times I hear of those who are having big improvements and usually it involves:

    Learning "how to say NO"
    Learning how to "listen to my body's needs"

    Well, what if one needs to say NO to a work schedule. What if one's "body's needs" are not to have to adhere to the typical marathon that is a work day???

    Maybe you are able to do these things. I hope so and am truly happy for you if you are. I think that for me and maybe for MOST with this condition the WORST part is being unable to hold down a job without getting worse.

    Learning to say no and listening to our body's needs would be a big luxury to many who simply can't withdraw from the the rat race.
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  5. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    I was spending 500 a month on supplements through the center.

    And 200 a month for doctor visits there.
  6. rachelle01

    rachelle01 New Member

    Maybe it was the doctor too that is really helping...all locations use different doc's im sure?
    So happy for you!!!!
  7. Lichu3

    Lichu3 New Member

    one-time post.
  8. rvpeople

    rvpeople New Member

    Lurker? No, just not wanting to post until I was certain of my results. I searched this web site when I was seeking help in 2007. Some of the negativity turned me off, but some of the postings did reassure me that there was help and that FFC was a good place to try. It worked for me.

    I was diagnosed with CFIDs, hypothyroidism, adrenal gland deficiency, coagulation defect (abnormal blood clotting factors), poor mitochondrial function, yeast infection, and female hormone imbalance. Symptoms included inability to sleep well, brain fog, total exhaustion, shortness of breath, irritability, etc.

    I am currently on compounded estrogen, progesterone, testerone and thryoid. For supplements I take Teitelbaum's "Daily Energy Enfusion", Corvalen, CQ10, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Jarrow Dophollis, and FFC's mitomax and anti-yeast (2 pills each per day). Yes, I did take other supplements throughout the treatment, but as I got better, I had to drop them out because they were actually making me feel worse. An example was the cortisol, I started off with a high dose and then had to taper off until I can no longer take it. As my body began to function better, it produced what I needed on its own.

    My diet has made a HUGE difference in how I feel. I can't drink alcohol (I love wine!), or each simple carbs (sugar, white flour, white potatoes, etc.) without feeling bad the next several days. Fatigue and muscle aches & pains.

    Whenever I start getting upset or worried, I calm down with prayer and restful music. That brings me back to the calm place I must stay in. Otherwise, the adrenaline starts flowing and I'm back to my old habits.

    My doctor has been just wonderful. She treats the whole person, and we work together as a team. My duty is to follow her guidance exactly, and when it isn't working, we try something else. I think who your doctor is, along with your own tenacity, has so much to do with your success.

    Yes, the supplements were costly in the beginning, but I was gradually able to drop some of them. Now I am spending about $120 a month, not including my hormone meds. My doctor bills are $199 every 4-5 months, soon I will go to every 6 months or more. I do understand that this treatment may be out of some people's ability to pay and we should be fighting for better health care. For many of us, we can squeeze it out if we only choose to. I was discussing with my husband this morning the cost of $120 a month and he said that we would always find a way to pay for that because the sickness was so devasting to our entire family.

    Dr Teitelbaum has alternatives that are less expensive, following along the same lines as my treatment.

    Work? Yes, my husband and I have our own business. I do all the bookkeeping, advertising, office management, etc. I work on average 7 hours a day, very active in church leadership, and have a very full life. However, I do not have children at home. I am 60 and have 3 grandchildren that live close by. I don't think I could do all I do and take care of children, too. I really feel for those mothers who are trying to do all that.

    Changing my expectations of myself and others has helped me alot. I can't afford to worry or spend energy on fixing other people's problems like I used to and I refuse to live up to other's expectations of me.

    Do I still have CFID's? Yes! I will have that burden the rest of my life. I still live in fear of waking up and not having the energy to get out of bed. I fear that I will get pushed into something that is too demanding for me (me not saying "no"). The choice is to give in to negative thoughts or hold on to the hope that gets us all out of bed in the morning.

    My purpose is to give you hope. We have a battle to fight against ignorance in the media, indifferent or uneducated doctors, unethic insurance companies, and big drug companies. We can do this. This web site is a perfect example of what ordinary people like us can do to bring change. We must all do whatever we can to return to healthy, productive lives and bring hope and healing to those around us.

    I will follow your posts and continue to reply as much as I can.

  9. bellydonna

    bellydonna New Member

    While I identify with those who had bad F&F clinic experience, I am absolutely THRILLED for poster who has had relief and good results.

    Went for a "free info" @ a F&F CLinic a few years ago. Hated everything about the staff/dirty clinic/terms of treatment. Did not pursue care there.

    Last month, I read Dr Teitelbaum's "Fatigued to fantastic". was excited until I realized he is involved with them. Became very suspicious.

    I emailed him and said same.

    He emailed me back personally. gee, I like that guy.
    He was nice, apologized for my bad experience, recognized truth/agreed to much of what I said, pointd out that he has only been involved with F&F CLinics for approx 2 years. He said that he is working to fix the issues with complaints I made- he had identified same problems himself, prior to my email.

    He made several suggestion for me to consider, only 1 of those suggstions was to try F&F Clinic again. Not a hard sell for the clinics at all.

    Personally, I don't intend to try the clinic again but Dr T was helpful & encouraging.

    My point is that maybe F&F clinics have improved since Dr T became involved.

    Cheers all.

  10. slevah

    slevah New Member

    Thank you for posting your encouraging words. It's nice to read of positive results. Everyone is different and you obviously lucked upon a good doctor at one of the centers.

    Praises that you have recovered to the point of functionality; and,

    Blessings for your continued wellness!
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  11. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Which clinic do you go to?

    I've been w/the Atlanta FFC for something like 3 years now and am basically 'on maintenance', as Dr. B. said last time. My last appointment was late Jan., or early Feb., with one blood test to monitor my T3 dose.

    I'm actually on very little medication now, and on little supplementation because I can't really afford it. In the fall (before work slowed -- I, too, work in a family business) I was working at the office 5 days a week, going in at 8 and working until 2:30 when I left to make the school pick-up run. I am NOT active in very much except my son's activities (Scouts, band, music lessons, homework), and I like it that way. I've had to learn to say NO over and over and over again. Like you, I will probably always have CFS, but have learned to cope.

    The last time I was at the FFC, I answered the questions like usual at the beginning of the appointment, and Dr. B. showed me what my answers had been when I started -- I was impressed with how my own ratings had gone up.

    I know others on this board have had much different experiences. I've been fortunate to have a good experience, much like yours. I intend on doing what I can to continue with them -- one on-site visit a year (12-hour round trip!), and one or two phone conferences as necessary.

    So glad you're feeling better!
  12. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Very informative post and gives us all hope.

    I have considered FFC but could never afford it (truly, we didn't have disabilty yet, single mom).

    Now that I have disability, I still can't afford it but woujld consider it if I ever came into money.

    I must have missed your reply on which one you went to and what the doctor's name is.

    That would be where I would go.
  13. rvpeople

    rvpeople New Member

    Thanks for all the information and encouragement. I go to Dr Garcia at the Las Vegas clinic. I live in Reno, so it is an 8 hour trip for me, and most of my appointments were by phone.

    It very well may be that clinic locations and Drs vary as to the professionalism and quality, or that they have improved in the last few years, especially after Dr. Teitelbaum joined them. My clinic was in a new complex close to a hospital. It was clean and the staff was overall wonderful. At times the receptionist seemed rushed, but Dr explained that their patient load has increased tremendously. Now they have moved to another location downtown that I have not visited.

    Again, I stress, that this is not the only avenue to improved health. Sadly, the numbers suffering from these illnesse are increasing. As our doctors become more educated, we will be able to receive treatment more readily and less expensive.

    I pray for each of you that you can find healing and comfort in your lives.

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