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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crafts1234, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. crafts1234

    crafts1234 Member

    Sometime ago i saw a post on some medication that would help with the fatigue of fibro and cronic fatigue, all i remember is that it begins with a P (i think) anyone that can help i would appreciate it and i will return later.

    All Have A Blessed Day
  2. sportsmom628

    sportsmom628 New Member

    I believe you are referring to Provigil. I was on it for about 2 yrs but lost Ins. so no longer could pay for it. Wayyy expensive. But there is a newer one out that starts with an N you might want to look in the FIbromyalgia board I think thats where I seen it.
    Good Luck!

  3. loto

    loto Member

    is the purified form of Provigil. It is very expensive also.

    I took it for a few weeks, but for me the side effects were worse than what it actually helped me. It may be different for you, though.

  4. crafts1234

    crafts1234 Member

    Thank you ladies, yes it was provigil and i have no insurance either and know it is very expensive, but i have a friend that has good ins. and can afford it either way. She is just now accepting she has it, like me it took a long time to accept there was no real test to determine what it was, but that was a long time ago for me and at least she is asking questions. I have not been to this board in a long time, shortly after my son died i just did not care any more about my own health and just take pain meds, but i am amazed at the changes and i'm sure it is all good.

    GOD Bless
    thank you so much
  5. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    Mary, I am so sorry about the loss of your son. Please know that we are all here and if you ever need anything just let some of us know.
    I think I might ask my doctor and try the Provigil. I know it would help so much just to have some energy to do things that must be done on a daily basis. It is hard for me to get around and get all done before the day is already gone.
    Take care and God bless,
    let us know how you are doing,
    Faith :)

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