fibro fog and brain lesions

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    These are 2 separate issues.First of all I have at least 4-5 brain lesions apparently caused by migraines(so I am told).So migraines apparently cause brain damage.I also have FM,which inlcudes terrible fibro fog.So this explains why I feel like I have alzheimers at times.LOL. What is going to happen to me years down the line,good grief.LOL.
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    hi natrvr
    you are so right on both counts but the most important thing is you are still laughing,i beleive positive thinking and taking each day as it comes helps a lot, also the ability to laugh and not to take these vile symptoms we have too seriously or the depression gets a hold of you so keep your sense of humour and smile at the daft things that you do in 'foggy' moments, my family have some right laughs over some of the things i have done, its the only way i feel.........xxxxxxx
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    Just Curious-My niece has brain lesions and symptoms just like I have with fibromyalgia. She has been diagnosed with MS. I was just curious if you trust your diagnosis? If you aren't completely comfortable with it, you might consider a second opinion.
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    Back in the late 80's when my migraines started,there was NO medication that helped at all.NONE!(before Imitrex came to the USA)The Drs. even tried putting me to sleep with Demerol and I still was awake suffering.When I had migraines I would throw up every hour,on the hour for at least 8 hours a day.I coudln't eat/drink/move.I would beg people to kill me.I certianly was not capable of doing it myself. It was horrible.I went through migrianes like this for YEARS!
    And I know for a fact, that I felt like I lost some brain cells the day after it was over.It felt like I went on an all nighter smoking pot and drinking beer.I felt so BURNT OUT.So I do believe I I lost a few brain cells each time.I have complained to Drs. alot that it felt liek I was nto getting enough oxygen to my brain and they just blew me off and said 'that's not possible'.
    I have been tested for everything and everythign else has been ruled out,so they said it was from migraines.But I have been reading alot of peopel saying they have migraines and brain lesions.
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    YESSSS!!! I wonder the exact same thing!! Exacatly what I have said to my kids and husband. I even asked my doctor last week if I had alzheimers and what am I going to do as I age and get demintia. If I am already having brain fog, will I just sit in a chair and stare out and wonder why am I here and how did I get here. Last week I almost put kitty litter in my wash machine thinking it was the detergent! I seriously get your post. I have had migraines since I was 12. My migraines have always been classified as a mini stroke because I get paralasis on one side and my mouth won't move to talk and my eye lid sags.....anyway just great, just lovely.